June 30, 2022

YouTube launches new Critical Alerts feature and tests updated format for channel navigation

YouTube is looking to help creators make their analytics more meaningful, with a new critical alert process which will tell creators if their channel’s performance drops significantly.

As you can see in this example, YouTube is adding new alerts that notify creators of audience impacts and then redirect them to information pages on how to address key points.

According Youtube:

There are tons of metrics available, and we know it can sometimes seem complex and sometimes difficult to assemble. We’re running an experiment where we show some creators a mobile data story map if their audience drops, and ways to improve.

The idea is that this will simplify the channel analysis process, so that you don’t end up getting bogged down in data, but are still alerted to any major issues that may be impacting channel performance. .

This could be a good way to keep more creators on track, which could also become a vital reminder that creators rely on to stay on top of these issues.

On another front, YouTube is also running an experiment that will see the channel navigation bar moved from the top of the screen to below the channel header in the mobile app.

YouTube Channel Browsing Test

As you can see in these examples, the updated format (left) will move the navigation tabs below the main channel image, which will keep the profile header on screen when you switch between the different tabs.

YouTube says this will help viewers “better stay in context with the channel”, while providing easier access to subscription and store options.

These can be practical updates, which may seem small in isolation, but could have a big practical impact on channel management and engagement.

Finally, YouTube also reports that some users have encountered errors with its cross-channel live redirect option, launched last month.

Cross-Channel Live Redirection allows creators to redirect their Live audience to other channels, but YouTube says its redirects don’t always work as they should in certain settings. Considering this, YouTube is removing the option for the time being as it is working on a solution.

You can check the latest news from the Creator Insider YouTube Channel.

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