December 2, 2022

Yankees could learn the wrong lesson from MLB’s wild new playoff format


Yankees fans who devote 162 regular-season games to anxiety likely have mixed feelings about the expanded potential playoffs.

After all, getting a luck at the end of a long and winding road, that’s all you really ask – however, with a proliferation of teams involved, the achievement would be devalued a bit, and the road to a World Series would surely become several degrees more difficult with less room for error and more obstacles.

If you’re split on how to assess these rumors, think about it from a property perspective — specifically, Yankees ownership.

What conclusion could Hal Steinbrenner, who is already obsessed with magic rays, draw from a MLB playoff format which crams more teams into the field, gives virtually no advantage to the division winners, and evens the theoretical playing field by forcing seeds two through seven into a best-of-three series.

Of course, the best dog has free time, but there will be a parcel of 87-win sneakers in this area who believe they can absolutely win two out of three games on the road, as radio host Craig Carton explained is the rumored format Thursday. Wouldn’t that encourage Steinbrenner even more to just get the Yankees Close, so hopefully they’ll take a few breaks?

Rumor has it that new MLB playoff format could further tighten Yankees’ budget

Your World Series champions: the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals, probably 33% of the time!

While increased parity looks good for the game, especially during a dark time like this, who among us has any faith in the property gleaning the empowering message of a format change like this rather than taking the lazy route?

In theory, expanding the playoffs could make all the team thinks: “We have a chance!” From lowly Orioles to average Cubs, projected players across the country could enter the fray at the trade deadline as buyers, as long as they’re within four or five games of the third Wild Card.

In practice, however, analytics gurus will tell owners looking for an upgrade that “home field advantage” doesn’t guarantee much in a best-of-three that could be over in a heartbeat. of eye. Owners, looking to maximize playoff gate revenue, might be swayed by the fact that being a team favorite might net them two extra playoff game checks (at a minimum), but Hal Steinbrenner generally didn’t. not put the pedal to the metal to ensure that under the current format .

He’s looking to keep payrolls low and stoop below the luxury tax line by any means necessary. He seeks to build a stellar power base without spending the depth necessary to back it up. And if he sees 80 top teams win the playoffs, isn’t he likely to conclude: “Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and three other star halfbacks should be enough to win us the, law?”

Watch out for another descent into mediocrity if MLB opens the door to the playoffs any further.

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