December 2, 2022

Web3.0 NFT big business blue chip project layout direction


1: Facebook (foundry sector)

After Facebook changed its name to Meta, on the one hand it explored the Metaverse through the development of smart wearable devices, and on the other hand it built a virtual world using blockchain technology and NFTs.

According to reports, after the pilot goes live, Facebook will allow users to purchase specific NFTs to become members of specific groups. In addition, Facebook will also launch the NFT casting project, which will be carried out through fees and advertisements in the future.

2Twitter (scenario application section)

Twitter is expected to find a way to integrate decentralized technology with online community services and also plans to cooperate with external technical staff. It is expected to formulate relevant technical standards, making it easier for Twitter to become an operating platform for cryptocurrency and NFT application services.

In addition to planning to ensure that Square services meet the needs of cryptocurrency transactions and circulation, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also plans to set up a dedicated team to manage cryptocurrencies, NFT and other ventures, which will be led by Tess Rinearson.

Tess Rinearson will report directly to Twitter Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal, helping to introduce decentralized technology into Twitter services, and may even directly integrate applications such as cryptocurrency transactions and NFT traffic.

3: Galaxy Digital (Secondary market contract trading section)

Galaxy Digital (TSX: GLXY) is a leader in digital assets and blockchain, providing services such as crypto economics, Galaxy industry layout, trading, asset management, investment banking, mining and shared investing for institutions, start-ups and individuals. . Galaxy Digital Digital manages over $21 billion in assets for users worldwide.

What is more interesting is that Galaxy Digital launched the Galaxy NFT trading platform in September this year. Innovative contract mechanism, stable income. Since the launch of the Galaxy NFT platform in September, the number of users of the platform has exceeded one million. The capital of the financing contract exceeds 1 billion US dollars. Since its IPO, Galaxy NFT’s trading volume has exceeded US$8 billion, making it the star of the NFT market this year. Galaxy NFT’s simple and convenient transaction method has solved the dilemma of personal NFT transaction difficulties for global users, and the revenue from Galaxy NFT department has also brought vitality to the highly respected company Galaxy Digital. Annual revenue is $1.5 billion.

4: Google (Cloud Services section)

Google Cloud recently announced that it would open up specific cryptocurrencies to purchase cloud services, which attracted attention. As for the future layout, in addition to digital, sustainability, information security and other aspects, Google Cloud will focus on the development of Web 3.0 in recent years. Google has invested heavily in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry.

In fact, according to a study by intelligence agency Blockdata, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, invested more than $1.5 billion in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies in one year, ranking first. rank among the top 100 listed companies in the world in terms of investment amount, which shows that it is attacking emerging markets. , the ambition to invest in the field of “decentralization”.

Moreover, the public cloud market itself is also growing. According to statistics from market research institutes, the global public cloud market will reach US$505 billion in 2022, and it is expected to reach US$1.06 trillion in 2026, an increase of nearly 2 times.

5: Opensea (creation and sale part)

Founded in 2018, OpenSea is the first and currently the largest NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading platform. OpenSea’s trading volume on Ethereum exceeded $2 billion for four consecutive months, starting in July 2021. As of December 31, OpenSea had over 1.7 million total users, including nearly 900,000 users of Ethereum and over 800,000 Polygon users.

Currently, NFT products traded on OpenSea include nine categories: Art, Collectibles, Estates, Music, Photography, Sports, Trading Cards, Utilities, and Virtual Worlds.

4 years worth $13.3 billion, occupying 95% of the NFT market

6: BINANCE NFT (Blind Auction Section)

Binance started building momentum for the BINANCE NFT platform in March 2021 and planned the MyFirstNFT competition. In April, it announced it would partner with Singapore-based publishers Media Publishares (Vogue Singapore) and VIDY to create an NFT platform. On April 27, it was officially announced that it would launch in June. At the same time, Bake and other Binance-linked NFT currencies ushered in an increase of over 500%.

As the digital currency platform with the largest trading volume in the world, Binance has an international team and international operational experience. The strength is obvious.

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