September 30, 2022

Twitter has introduced a new post format called Tweet Tiles

Tweet Tiles is a new post format that would allow developers to attach customizable formats to the Tweet experience and make content engaging by making it more dynamic and visual.

The feature is being tested with a select group of users on iOS and the web, and these users can view and interact with Tweet Tiles containing text, images, videos, and a click button.

It automatically renders URLs like Tweet cards. The update is part of Twitter’s internal development team to make the timeline visually appealing and facilitate a seamless content viewing experience.

Only users who are part of the test will be able to post Tweet thumbnails, and not all followers will automatically see Tweet thumbnails and if users retweet a Tweet thumbnail or share a Tweet thumbnail URL, others might not. not be able to see her. .

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Twitter also recently launched custom timelines, designed to allow users to scroll through all posts and tweets related to a topic of interest to them via a single scroll on the Twitter hub.

These curated feeds or custom timelines may be created by third parties who select and provide content around interests and events or by Twitter based on general information. The popular video timeline, created by Twitter, uses information similar to how topics are selected to populate and order video content.

These custom flows run alongside the home timeline and appear in a separate tab after users add a custom timeline from a prompt. Users can switch between tabs to better control their Twitter experience by digging deeper into the content that interests them most.


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