May 18, 2022

Tournament Format, Match Game Explained – NBC Connecticut

Ryder Cup 2021: tournament format, the match game explained originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

the Ryder Cup 2021 will feature two teams, 24 golfers and three different competition formats.

While typical PGA Tour events are played by counting the total number of strokes for a competitor over four rounds, the Ryder Cup uses a handful of styles to match and line up players throughout its three days to determine a winner. .

Here’s a crash course in how the Ryder Cup works:

What are the three game formats used in the Ryder Cup?

There are two teams in the Ryder Cup: the United States and Europe. Each team consists of 12 golfers who compete against each other using different formats over three rounds of 18 holes.

The Friday and Saturday competitions will be played in four-ball and four-ball matches with the local captain selecting the order. For the 2021 edition at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin, US Captain Steve Stricker will select the order. The winning unit in a given match earns its team one point. If there is a tie at the end of the round, each side gets half a point for their total score.

The final round of the competition is played in a unique match-play format. There will be 12 singles matches with each golfer facing a member of the opposing team one-on-one. The winning golfer earns his team a point. Once again, a draw is worth half a point for each team.

How many points does it take to win the Ryder Cup?

In total there are 28 games and the first team to reach 14.5 points wins the trophy.

What is match play in golf?

While stroke play marks the total number of strokes throughout a tournament, match play marks each hole. The golfer or team with the lowest score on a given hole scores a point. If both sides get the same score, the hole is “halved”, giving each side a half point.

The three formats used in the Ryder Cup – four balls, foursome and one on one – will be scored using the match play system.

What does four balls mean in golf?

In four balls, each side has a two-man team. Each individual plays their own ball and each team has the lowest score on a single hole. If both teams have the same low score, the hole is halved.

The afternoon games, Friday and Saturday, will use the four-ball format.

What does the foursome mean in golf?

In a quartet, teams of two players each play a ball with alternate golfers taking swings, as well as tee shots. The lower score wins the hole or it is halved if both sides have the same score.

All Friday and Saturday morning matches will use the quartet format.

Are there any singles matches at the Ryder Cup?

The final round of the competition will consist of 12 rounds of singles match play, with each golfer on one side playing against a golfer from the opposing team. While the outcome of the tournament can be determined before the end of any given match, the format does offer the possibility of some must-see matchups on Sunday.

Ryder Cup Winners Over the Years

The United States team has a 26-14-2 advantage over the European team. Here’s a look at the history of the Ryder Cup from 1927 to 2018:

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