November 22, 2022

There is now an official Trump Card design, and getting one will set you back $ 45

Cheryl Teh

The Trump team has unveiled the official design of the Trump Card, which will cost supporters of the former president US $ 45 (AU 61). Save America / Screenshot

  • There is now an official Trump card design, and all you need to do is donate US $ 45 (AU 61) to get a personalized card.

  • Former President Donald Trump’s campaign sent an email asking supporters to sign up to be the “official Trump card holders.”

  • The Trump campaign has also put a clock on the donation of US $ 45 (AU $ 61), with a deadline of midnight on September 2 to be on the “first list” of cardholders.

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There is now an official design for the Trump card – but getting one will cost supporters of the former president at least US $ 45 (AU $ 61).

In a campaign email sent at 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 2, the Trump campaign unveiled the official Trump card design and explained how people can get their hands on one to become Trump card-carrying supporters.

The finalized design in gold and red features a golden eagle with its wings widely spread, and is one of four that were released in August when Trump’s PAC sent an email asking supporters to choose their preferred design.

It was pointed out at the time, however, that one of the models had a typo, with the card misspelling the word “official” as “official.”

The image has also been criticized for its resemblance to the symbols of the Third Reich and the Kennkarte, a form of identification used in Nazi Germany.

Author Amy Siskind also pointed out the similarities between the design of the Trump map and the iconography of Nazi Germany.

“Trump ordered a resplendent party card with his own Parteiadler. Excellent news. One thing to note is that the eagle of Trump’s fascist party faces the American eagle which faces the arrows in its left talons and towards the olive branches symbolizing peace to its right, ” tweeted Steve Schmidt, a public affairs strategist who worked with John McCain and George W. Bush.

“Should we give him the benefit of the doubt?” ” He continued. “Absolutely not. Mainly because the Trump movement has been called out time and time again for its use of fascist iconography. Trust me on that, take that Trump eagle and ask a living veteran of WWII or What is Korea? There’s a 100% chance they’ll all agree.

This review doesn’t seem to have fazed the Trump PAC, as this design – the only one with a golden eagle as the centerpiece – was the one they went with.

“I ALWAYS care what YOU think, which is why I recently asked you to vote on what our NEW Trump Card should look like. Well, I’m happy to tell you that we have a winner, and YOU chose the exact same card as me – I knew you wouldn’t let me down, friend, ”the president wrote in his September 2 email to supporters.

“After receiving tens of THOUSANDS of votes, I am proud to present to you the magnificent Trump card which was voted WIN by YOU. ”

The former president added in the email that “official Trump cardholders across the country” will be considered “THE most important fan group.”


Former President Donald Trump included a link in his email advertising the Trump Cards. Supporters only need to donate US $ 45 (AU $ 61) to get a personalized Trump card. But the site pointed out that the US $ 100 (AU $ 135) donation was also an option, with a bouncy blue tag for the US $ 100 (AU $ 135) donation link. Save America / Screenshot

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