September 30, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to PVC Card Printing Machine

The PVC card printing machine is a convenient device that allows companies to print different types of cards on a regular basis. Science has made life more enjoyable by producing devices that make our jobs easier to do. PVC card printing machine is commonly used to print durable plastic government ID cards, student cards, business ID cards, membership cards, etc. This article will serve as the ultimate guide for PVC card printing machines.

PVC card printing machine and its working principle

PVC Card Printing Machine is a device that allows you to create direct, full color, edge to edge, durable, stylish and attractive plastic cards. It is a powerful, durable and reliable machine. The principle of operation is quite simple; the plastic card is fed through a thermal print head along with a colored ribbon in almost. The color of the ribbon is transferred to the card by the heat emitted by the printhead. As a result, the highest quality printing is generated in the shortest possible time.

How to print on PVC cards by PVC card printing machine systems?

Using a PVC card printer to print PVC cards is a relatively straightforward operation. However, the method used by each printer differs. Direct-to-card plastic card printing, retransfer plastic card printing and inkjet plastic card printing are the three main processes. A PVC Card Printing Machine is a versatile and durable tool. It is needed for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

Intelligent information collection:

A PVC card printer collects information using special software with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It intellectually collects all the information and has a user-friendly operating system that allows data to be analyzed and processed.

Exit from the card:

The PVC card printing machine has high production capacity. The PVC card printing machine can print monochrome single-sided card in 3-5 seconds. It can print one-sided full color card in the 1920s. The capacity of the input hopper is 100 cards and the capacity of the exit hopper is 50 cards.

Data management:

It allows data to be managed on a single card. It has powerful graphics processing capabilities, powerful image processing capabilities, powerful word processing capabilities, and the system provides full database function.

Card verification:

It helps in identifying items and verifying the data printed on them. The printed verification process includes identification, sequence verification, data tracking and sophisticated data processing technology. The Seaory product guarantees 100% error-free production of PVC cards to minimize costs and waste.

Applications of PVC Card Printing Machine

PVC card printing machines have a wide range of applications; they are used in banks, government offices, schools, hospitals, airports, offices, sec

Seaory S21 PVC Card Printing Machine

Keeping in mind all the requirements of different institutions, Seaory has manufactured an innovative solution for your printing needs i.e. Seaory S21. This is a full-featured PVC ID card printer for organizations printing medium to large number of cards daily. It is an ideal device for printing ID cards, student cards, corporate ID cards, membership cards, credit cards, etc. You can expect various benefits from Seaory S21, some of which are listed below:

  1. Beautiful appearance

The device is very stylish and can make your desktop look very attractive.

2. Small size

The design of the desktop card printer is very compact; its weight is only 4.9 kg.

3. Qualified

Seaory S21 holds several certifications from national and international organizations, such as CCC, FCC, CE, ROHS and BIS.

4. Easy to use

The next advantage is related to the ease of use. The device is very easy to use.

5. Large input and output capacity

Seaory S21 has high input hopper capacity (100 pieces cards) and output hopper capacity (50 pieces cards).

6. Multifunctional

The device offers several coding modules such as a dual interface smart card read and write module, a contactless ID card coding module, a UHF smart card coding module and a magnetic stripe card encoding module.

Shenzhen Seaory Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture, R&D and sale of smart card application systems. They value long term relationships with their customers. Feel free to contact them.

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