May 18, 2022

The February 19 programming card for The Sports Page | Mdt Format Antenna

“The Sports Page”: Live on WKVL 100.9 FM and 850 AM from 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday at Bluetick Tavern in Maryville with hosts Mike Edwards, Donnie Moore and Charlie Puleo.


On the Blount Partnership Range Card:

AIRPORT HONDA & STEVENSON TIRE HEADLINES: Sports Page newshound Donnie Moore realigns the news to reach a deal and drive with the best of this week’s sports headlines

ROGER L. NEWMAN & STEVENSON TIRE GOVOLS REPORT: Panel turns to UT basketball with UT legends Ray Trail and Lon Herzbrun. Then the guys placed their lunch order and dove into a serving of conference news in the AUBREY’S & BLUETICK DRY TAVERN NOTEBOOK.

ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Maryville Swimmers Olivia Leonard and Julia Burroughs pass to splash the Daily Times sports editor Troy Provost-Heron.

WATERS’ EQUIPMENT & DENSO MARC IT DOWN: MC legend and Hall of Famer Randy Lambert visit with a sports media veteran Marcus Fitzsimmons.

SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED BY REAGAN STEEL & TVA EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION: Will Troy give up? Will Ray kneel down? (Will the guys have to help him up if he does?) Can Charlie drop the mic? It’s time to wrap up the best and worst of Super Bowl LVI.

GOTEEZ HOT TAKES: The Olympics are over and the guys will be arguing if it was good, bad or if no one noticed.

Listen LIVE at 10 a.m. or watch Monday’s replay.

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