December 2, 2022

The debate over the new playoff format


According to all fans of the 100-win teams, their teams were “unfairly” defeated by the “humble” Wild Card teams. Fans believe Wild Card teams had an unfair advantage playing games on their days off, which gave them the proverbial warm-up time to overtake them.

Of course, you won 100 games… in the regular season.

Of course, you have the best list… in the regular season.

And, of course, they favored them to win… during the regular season.

Sound familiar?

All of these teams did what it took to be front and center, but when it came to performing, they didn’t go past the first song. If you don’t have what it takes on the biggest stage, then there’s no reason to complain about the format.

This format works.

It brings two new teams and broadens the playing field, allowing more fanbases to get involved in October.

This is a positive point.

More teams, games, and revenue steered the MLB ship in that direction. It’s a great entertainment and business strategy that the MLB playoffs have expanded. All in all, it’s wonderful for the sport.

Regardless of the seed, every team that makes the playoffs has a shot at winning the World Series and shouldn’t be put off by 100-win/first-place teams that can’t play in October.

Rust or not. There’s no excuse not to perform in October.

This prospect indeed comes from a Phillies Phan prospect, but the reality is that our team benefited from both rule changes. Universal DH gave us Harper, and the expanded playoffs prevented another meltdown in September. All Phillies fans are grateful for this opportunity.

So enter and they will compete. Any team that enters has this chance to compete.

There are debates that if Wild Card teams continue to beat these 100-win teams because they had a “little warm-up,” then they will change the format.


Every team that’s in the playoffs deserves a title shot. There is nothing more to say.

More teams. More fun. More games. More upheavals.

It’s everything sports fans want in competition.

So, enjoy it anyway because baseball changes in different ways, but this one is positive. The hope is that Major League Baseball can continue to make changes for the betterment of the sport and the league.

The Phillies are going to the World Series for the first time since 2009. It’s amazing. Let’s take this series and hoist the Trophy again for the City of Brotherly Love.

Go Phils!

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