May 18, 2022

The April 30 programming card for The Sports Page | Mdt Format Antenna

“The Sports Page”: Live on WKVL 100.9 FM and 850 AM from 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday at Bluetick Tavern in Maryville with hosts Mike Edwards, Donnie Moore and Charlie Puleo.

Facebook:@thesportspagetn (watch live)

On the Blount Partnership Range Card:

AIRPORT HONDA & STEVENSON TIRE HEADLINES: Sports Page newshound Donnie Moore realigns the headlines to bring you the best news of the week.

ROGER L. NEWMAN & STEVENSON TIRE GOVOLS REPORT: UT Caption Ray Trail helps take a look at what’s going on in K-town. Then the guys placed their pizza order and played UT baseball during the AUBREY’S & BLUETICK DRY TAVERN NOTEBOOK.

ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY PLAYER OF THE WEEK: William Blount softball coach Amanda Leatherwood and Lady Gov Abby Baron visit with the sports editor of the Daily Times Troy Provost-Heron.

WATERS’ EQUIPMENT & DENSO MARC IT DOWN: Heritage Baseball Assistant Coach Brett Lindsey brings mountaineers Elias Dixon and Zack Hodge to visit with a veteran sportswriter Marcus Fitzsimmons.

SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED BY REAGAN STEEL & TVA EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION: The panel takes an early peak at Major League Baseball.

GOTEEZ HOT TAKES: NCAA president resigns. Has anyone noticed?

Saturday 10 a.m. or replay Monday 7 p.m.

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