December 2, 2022

Supreme Court Lists Pleas Seeking Instructions to Prepare ‘Judicial Vista’ Layout for July 20 Hearing


Supreme Court of India file photo

Photo: PTI

New Delhi: the Supreme Court Tuesday adjourned the hearing on a motion for directions to prepare the route and carry out the construction work of the “Judicial view” on the land adjoining the current premises of the apex to research.

A bench of judges Vineet Saran and JK Maheshwari scheduled the case for a rehearing on July 20.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, representing the Union of India, had said that the reported issues could be looked into by the central government in consultation with the registry and the petitioner, the court observed.

The Court also said that Senior Counsel V Giri, appearing in the higher court, can coordinate with SG Mehta and inform him of the issues that need to be addressed.

The court was hearing a request filed by Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad to prepare the development and carry out the construction works of “Judicial Vista” on the land adjoining the current premises of this court allowing access to better and dignified working conditions for the judges, the members of the bar and the officers of the registry of this court as well as to provide better facilities for litigants going to the premises of this court for the hearing of their cases.

The petition also sought to order the Government of India to establish an independent central authority for the sole purpose of judicial infrastructure exclusively funded from the consolidated funds of India, with the aim of ensuring that the infrastructure of courts/tribunals in India is adequate for judges, lawyers and litigants, in order to ensure that the quality of the administration of justice is further improved.

The present case is filed in the public interest, raising several important issues facing the court, registry and lawyers, practicing primarily in the Supreme Court of India.

The petitioner has stated that he seeks the realization of the rights guaranteed by Article 14/19(1)(g)/21 of lawyers, staff and litigants in general.

“This Motion in Brief in the Public Interest is brought in view of the infrastructural deficit of this Court in terms of space and other infrastructure for the proper functioning of this Hon’ble Court, bearing in mind the needs judges, the Registry and its staff, senior counsel, case counsel and counsel, their staff, and especially litigants, and seeks direction for the construction and development of a “judicial view”, said the court.

The petition sought to direct the Center to revamp and build a “judicial view” and constitute a central authority, fully funded by the Consolidated Fund of India, to cater to the particular and specific needs of the judicial infrastructure of the judiciary subordinate. , Statutory Court, High Courts and this Court, under the administrative control of the Chief Justice of India.

The petitioner stated that there is a serious need for a central authority dedicated to the infrastructural needs of the Judiciary at Apex level, High Court level, Subordinate Judiciary level and Statutory Court level etc. .

He said that the judicial perspective and other projects should be undertaken by such an authority, with a view to meeting the particular and specific need for judicial infrastructure.

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