November 22, 2022

State Government approves formation of new Kanabargi route at Rs 127.71 Cr

The state government has issued an order approving the formation of New Kanabargi Layout at a revised cost of Rs 127.71 crore.

The Department of Urban Development has given administrative approval to form the housing layout on 127.86 acres on the outskirts of the city.

The Belagavi Urban Development Authority (BUDA) has proposed development in Kanabargi for Project No. 61 on 157.01 acres of land, of which 127.86 acres are already in the hands of BUDA. The remaining 29.15 acres of the land are subject to a High Court restraining order. The process was started about ten years ago, but the land acquisition could not be completed for various reasons.

BUDA had submitted the list of estimated amount of Rs.177.45 Crores to form a new layout, Urban Development Department revised it to Rs 127.71 crore and approved the same. The Ministry informed BUDA that at the time of the tender for the works, tenders should only be issued for the 127.71 acres of land leaving 29.15 as is. This plan should be implemented soon. Also, the government has stipulated that no subsidy can be requested from the government for this development.

The government has commissioned BUDA to carry out works from the amount of 127.71 crores approved. Rs.5.50 Crore is to be used for leveling works, plot marking. Rs. 3.60 Crores for road construction and asphalting. Rs 2.87 crore for the construction of the RCC drain. Rs 5.21 crore for potable water, pipeline and other works.

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