December 2, 2022

Sintrones has established applications for electric vehicles and charging stations, continuing explosive growth


Taiwan’s industrial computer industry has attracted worldwide attention. In many vertical integration applications, intelligent transportation has always been the main application with profitability expectations. Sintrones, a manufacturer of embedded computer systems, has accumulated more than ten years of comprehensive development experience since its establishment in 2009. It has successfully innovated in major markets such as Europe and the United States.

Its advantages lie in mastering the design and manufacturing capabilities of complete systems. After many years of cooperation with end-user customers in Europe and the United States, it has been committed to the interaction and inspired by the first-hand product technologies of its many esteemed customers and has constantly updated testing their design skills. It continued to develop various key products that can be used in vehicles in harsh scenarios. Based on company revenue, the European market represents more than 40% and the US market 30%. The Company has honed its operating and profitability capabilities in key global markets.

In an interview, Chairman and CEO Mr. Kevin Hsu said that to adapt to the new era of transportation heralded by electric vehicles (EVs), there are a large number of new types of intelligent applications that continue to drive the development of -vehicle computer technology; the traditional ‘on-board unit’ (OBU) has been extended to a more diverse ‘roadside unit’ (RSU) product segment, and significant new business opportunities are expected to be introduced gradually over the next few years. Sintrones was able to glimpse a future urban framework built of new smart transport systems, including “charging stations, smart poles, smart signaling systems and smart roadside video analytics”, with each application requiring the investment resources to create custom corresponding special functions.

Deeply thoughtful design that integrates wide temperature, wide voltage and soft initialization has won customers and market praise

In terms of technical advantages, to be as inclusive as possible, Sintrones has been able to take full advantage of the design range of full voltage power supplies, from 12 – 24V and to 48V – and there are even systems, such as state-of-the-art power supplies for rail transport systems, with unique specifications for DC 110V. Sintrones has created a full range of products to meet various industrial application standards and has also obtained several major quality certifications.

Mr. Hsu further explained that the high current and high voltage design required in the fanless heat dissipation technology is quite difficult. Currently, Sintrones owns several key patents in heat dissipation design and continues to maintain its lead in the field. In addition, the on-board computer system has a very complete intervention plan for vehicle emergencies. In the example of a vehicle picking up students from school, a backup battery will be activated immediately in the event of a sudden power outage after an accident. The computer system will use the 5G or 4G network to simultaneously transmit a distress signal and location data to medical units, parents of students and teachers in schools. These are all examples of embedded systems custom designed by Sintrones for specific applications.

Sintrones’ on-board computer provides a complete solution for increasingly diverse intelligent transportation applications, including commercial driving behavior monitoring and automatic driving assistance capabilities in vehicles such as police cars , fire trucks, school buses, trains, ships, etc. degree of flexibility, supports a wide range of network devices and connections, and is adaptable to various vehicle management systems, such as those used in user scenarios of fleet management, vehicle maintenance systems, and stand-alone computers. Sintrones has specially designed a variety of software initialization functions in advance to help customers quickly configure the software to complete a combination of various functions. For such efforts, the Company has received a fair share of praise from customers. This is different from other competitors who have to go through time-consuming design changes before they can get support. For Sintrones, product punctuality and thoughtful design are the keys to obtaining crucial competitive advantages.

The advanced GPU card configuration improves the application of high-function artificial intelligence in embedded systems.

Since high-performance artificial intelligence applications rely on the computing power of high-end GPU cards, vehicle-mounted computers that integrate GPU computing power are the main problems of fierce competition within the industry ; With its flexible designs such as fanless heat dissipation and unique extended temperature, Sintrones is currently one of the few in the industry that can provide embedded computers that support high-end 200W GPU cards. It is successfully entered the application field of high-end autonomous vehicle systems. The test of an autonomous unmanned bus in cooperation with the French company Navya continues to certify the operation of the system. In addition, more and more public transport requires real measurement of failure recovery and emergency backup, and simultaneous potential business opportunities will contribute to the stable profitability of Sintrones’ operations.

It should also be mentioned that INTEL, AMD and Nvidia were the main CPU designs in the past. Due to the needs of automotive systems, Sintrones’ product line has increased support for NXP processors, which will further expand the future product layout. In addition, for the practical application of 4G/5G, Sintrones has achieved considerable gains through its participation in the construction of the European Electronic Toll System (ETC). However, due to the costs and the gradual popularization schedule of telecom operators, the current demand for 5G applications is still slightly lower than that of 4G LTE.

Partner with AU Optronics to Strengthen Strategic Partnership and Design Future Automotive Systems

Sintrones mainly focuses on the application area of ​​commercial vehicles. Due to differences in technical specifications, market size and cost structure for the fiercely competitive passenger car market, Mr. Hsu has adopted a slow and steady strategy. He has actively formed a close strategic partnership with AU Optronics. Due to the variety of vehicle smart features, interior panels have exploded, such as infotainment systems, bright mirrors, illuminated dashboards, head-up displays, and numerous electronic control units (ECUs). This suggests that large display panel manufacturers are increasingly dominant. For Sintrones, there are considerable potential business opportunities, but such options require thorough layout and preparation.

The two parties cooperated to create an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) project. The parties have also launched various cooperative development projects for the Smart Cockpit system used in vehicles. For projects about to be initialized, there is the first promotion of charging station applications. The trend of electric cars has affected earth-shattering changes in the automotive market. The current new development is towards the role played by RSU, in particular for the active improvement of safety in self-driving systems. The diverse integration of smart poles and smart traffic signs also offers new business opportunities for on-board computer RSUs.

At present, the applications of electric vehicle charging stations, the demand for which has increased, have arisen one after another. For example, various integrated applications have included electronic payment, digital signage and ATM systems. Since there are on-board computers behind the scenes of the various guidance and self-service systems (Kiosks), Sintrones and system integrators have already started developing solutions and designing integrated kits. In response to various business opportunities in the electric vehicle market over the next ten years, Sintrones has carried out product development and preparation.

Despite material shortages and unclear market changes in 2021, Mr. Hsu remains optimistic about Sintrones’ growth potential in 2022. The current priority is to lock in the pace of development in the North American market and seize opportunities. offered by electric vehicles. and charging stations in the United States. During these two years, Sintrones will rapidly increase its revenue share in the US market and actively prepare for the future of the automotive market.

The autonomous unmanned bus system in cooperation between Sintrones and the French company Navya represents a successful entry into the application field of high-end autonomous vehicle systems and will contribute to the stable profitability of Sintrones’ operations.

President and CEO of Sintrones, Kevin Hsu

In response to various business opportunities in the electric vehicle market over the next ten years, Sintrones has carried out product development and preparation. Currently, there is the first promotion of charging station applications and the integration of smart poles and intelligent traffic, which also brings new business opportunities for on-board computer RSUs.

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