September 30, 2022

Simon Cowell on the new format change for America’s Got Talent [POLL]

“America’s Got Talent” Judge Simon Cowell didn’t hold back when asked what prompted the new format change for “AGT” live shows, in which more contestants than ever are eliminated each week. “We did it because I think live shows started to get boring, if I’m being honest with you, over the years,” he told the host. Terry Crews during the August 17 episode. The British judge added: “For me everyone should bring their A-game for the final.”

Simon didn’t elaborate on which past contestants were so “boring” it needed a whole new format for Season 17 of NBC’s long-running reality show. What do you think of this fiercer version of the “AGT” concerts? Vote in our poll below:

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In the past, live shows were divided into three rounds: quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand final. Now there are only two rounds left: qualifying and the grand final. Because the intermediate round has been removed, it means there are massive cuts in each of the five qualifying weeks. Of the 11 acts that perform each week, only two advance to the finals (creating a Top 10), while nine others are eliminated. There will also be a Wildcard vote before the final, and that winning act will become the 11th runner-up.

“The downside is that nine people go home,” conceded Simon. “The advantage is that everyone has to bring their best performance, which for me is what a final should be. I know some people may not like it. Tough is how it is.” Sassy, ​​Simon !

What Simon doesn’t take into consideration is that no matter how good an act is on their live show, they still have to compete with the Golden Buzzers, who have been featured heavily on the show and on the networks. social. Of the three Golden Buzzers who have performed so far, two have made it to the final (saxophonist Avery Dixon and country singing trio Hart Chapel), while a third (12-year-old singer Maddie) was in the Top 3 of his week.

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Simon had a few more words to say about the format change. “Honestly, I listen to the audience,” he confessed, “and what I heard over the years was, ‘You have to make live shows more exciting. And I think even for contestants, they want to go on stage with their best performance. So I hope that whatever happens, everyone benefits here.

This is the second major overhaul to the format of “America’s Got Talent” in recent years. The Judge Cuts round was once a weeks-long process in which artists who had progressed after auditions had to perform again, often in front of special guest judges with Golden Buzzer abilities. But that trick was recently replaced with a simple montage of the four judges going through the acts and choosing which ones they wanted to review.

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