November 22, 2022

Seven Astroworld victims are believed to have died in the same area, with a dangerous barrier arrangement exacerbating the influx of crowds

Top line

A Washington post investigation in the Astroworld festival tragedy earlier this month that left 10 dead and dozens injured revealed that at least seven of the victims were killed in the same public parked area, shedding new light on how and possibly why the murderous mob surge occurred.


Attendees had gathered in large numbers around the festival’s main stage awaiting the performance of headliner Travis Scott, and when a performance ended on the nearby second stage, a wave of people from this region resulted in overcrowding in a small area of ​​the festival that was closed on three sides by metal barriers, according to review of videos and interviews with attendees.

The crowd on the main stage was separated into quadrants by metal barricades, a design that allowed little movement and contributed to the intense density of the crowd, according to To post.

It is in the southern quadrant that at least seven of the victims have died, including Axel Acosta, Ezra Blount, Madison Dubiski, Jacob Jurinek, Franco Patino, Danish Baig and Rodolpho Angel Peña.

A study of audience videos by crowd scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in PosDemand estimated that in the southern quadrant, three minutes after the start of the Scott Plateau, in areas there was as little as 1.85 square feet per person, an amount barely above a level that can cause “suffocation, with so little space that people can barely draw a breath” – although the researchers noted that the actual crowd density was likely higher, as the video they examined was was taken at night and blurred by smoke.

Another exam completed by a physicist from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies also at To postScott’s request showed that three minutes after Scott’s performance started, audience members in that section were moving in the same motion, meaning they were being pushed and moved by the crowd and not doing so. of their own accord.

The Houston Police and Fire Department, Astroworld, NRG Park and the companies that provided security and medical teams for the event did not respond to To postrequest for comments from; Scott’s attorney told the outlet he was “distraught” by the situation and a representative from Live Nation said they were “heartbroken” and were cooperating with the investigation.

Large number

16. This is the number of minutes it took for someone to collapse in the crowd after Scott’s performance began, according to videos reviewed by the. To post. The festival was declared a massively casualty event approximately 50 minutes after the start of the show, according to the Houston Fire Department newspaper. Two minutes later, rapper Drake took the stage. Scott’s performance lasted 72 minutes in total.

Key context

Lawsuits targeting hundreds of millions of dollars in damages continue to mount against Scott, Live Nation, Drake and other key players at the Houston-based festival. Scott’s attorney and the Houston Police Department have pointed out, each claiming the other entity has the ultimate authority to stop the show. The police department is investigating the incident.

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