December 2, 2022

Revolut app allows customers to sketch their own card design


Revolut card holders can now create a design of their choice, using images, text, emojis and even freehand sketches, to render in monochrome on a chosen card

Customers create the images in the Revolut app with design elements laser engraved on metal cards for customers with a Revolut Metal plan and printed for all other plans including Standard, Plus, and Premium.

Customers can use the new functionality built into the app to draw freehand or add badges from a selection, text and images of their choice. At any time, they can erase parts of the drawing or delete it completely and start over.

Alan Chang, Director of Revenue at Revolut, says, “Customer expectations are increasing every day as personalization trends evolve into real-time mobile personalization, fast shipping of personalized items and back-up features for later. The overhaul of our plans with the new Custom Cards feature should give our clients a big boost in confidence and wallets. It’s encouraging to see how popular our plans have been so far, and we believe the Custom Cards will be an attractive and popular addition to our existing offering.

Customers can customize cards in different colors and materials based on their current subscription. With an upgrade to Metal, customers will get an exclusive 18g metallic card available in Lavender, Gold, Rose, Silver, Space Gray, and Black.

Available in the UK, EEA and Switzerland, prices for custom cards start from £ 2.99.

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