November 22, 2022

Plex Launches A Creation Of Your Own UI Experience Including A New ‘Modern Layout’ For The Apple TV App

Plex released today with a major UI update for its Apple TV and Roku apps. Besides a new ‘Modern Layout’ option, the user interface can be customized with options for the app / home background and the details background.

Plex announced the new UI experience in a blog post today. Here’s what inspired the platform to work on a redesign:

Well our challenge is that since Plex is used by so many different types of users (a big deal to have!) Each of you have different habits, wants and styles as well as a wide variety of TVs with different resolutions and brightness and contrast ratios. So how do we make sure that we deliver the best experience to the most of you? And create a dynamically responsive system that draws visual style from millions of different works of art? Turns out the solution wasn’t something we could find on our own. So we got some help from our friends.

After running an experimental beta with Plex users, the company “opted for a more personalized experience (a crucial part of Plex’s DNA) and worked hard to provide the right mix of options for our diverse community. users and Plex devices “.

In the Plex Apple TV and Roku app, you can now go to Settings> Experience to customize the user interface. Here are the new options:

  • Content layout:
    This setting controls the layout used to display your content. Okay, so before I say “No, duh!” ”, This setting also controls whether“ inline metadata ”is displayed on the home screen and whether the poster is displayed on detail pages.
    • Modern (default): Displays artwork and title details “inline” on some screens when you are focusing on a poster. This layout also prefers background artwork to posters on the title detail pages.
    • Classic: No “in-line” metadata is displayed, displays title and additional information below posters, and prefers posters over illustrations on detail pages.
  • Context of the application / home:
    This setting allows the user to select the basic background of the application (ie the background used for the home screen, settings, etc.).
    • Artwork colors (default): Applies the colors of the current title artwork to the background and gracefully (hopefully!) transition the color field as the title selection changes.
    • Nothing: Displays the application’s default background (dark gradient).
  • Background Details:
    This setting controls the background displayed on item detail pages.
    • Artwork colors (default): Uses the title artwork colors in the background of the title detail pages.
    • Faded art: Displays a full screen, faded version of the background artwork on detail pages.
    • Nothing: The application’s default background is used for detail pages (dark gradient).

Plex for Apple TV is a free download on the app store.

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