December 2, 2022

Pauper format panel announced by Wizards of The Coast


The MTG: Pauper Format Panel was announced by Wizards of the Coast, demonstrating the promise of future common format-only support.

Wizards of the Coast has announced the creation of the Pauper Format Panel for Magic: The Gathering, offering a more structured perspective on one of the MTGthe most popular formats. There are different ways to play the game, from standard to 60 cards MTG format rules to Commander, in which players formulate a deck of 100 cards without any duplicate cards. Pauper is a community created MTG format that limits deckbuilding to common rarity only, making all uncommon, rare, and mythic cards illegal in structured play. The advantage of Pauper is that common cards can be included from any set ever released in Magic: The Gathering, allowing Strixhaven and Urza’s Legacy cards to work together.


The Pauper format was the Magic: The Gathering Community’s attempt to fix a recurring issue in the Trading Card Game. In formats like Commander and Standard, building a deck can be expensive. Although not all cards are too expensive – like the $500,000 MTG Black Lotus card – a valid Commander deck can cost up to $100. Winning tournaments requires players to buy cards in a given meta, and buying singles to whip up a winning deck can be expensive. Many formats, including Standard, are constantly evolving, incorporating the most recent sets Wizards of the Coast has released. It can also do MTG an expensive hobby. Popular (and effective) Pauper decks hover around the $50 mark, as they’re created entirely using common cards, which are usually less expensive. It helps to make Magic: The Gathering a more inclusive game overall.

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On its website, Wizards of the Coast announced that she was forming the MTG: Pauper Format Panel which will discuss the format as a whole and identify issues that arise (via The player). This will include overpowered combos or the need to ban certain MTG maps. The Pauper Format Panel will consist of six eminent MTG community members. Gavin Verhey, senior designer for MTG, will act as an intermediary between the panel and Wizards of the Coast. The panel will serve a similar purpose to both the Commander’s Advisory Group and the Commander’s Rules Authority. Although no changes have yet been announced, Verhey confirmed that the panel has “started discussing possible changes to the current Pauper format.”

Watch the announcement video on YouTube here.

Although Wizards of the Coast has been involved in the Pauper format for some time, the MTG: Pauper Format Panel is an important step in legitimizing the format. While it’s yet to confirm that Wizards releases Pauper products at this time, the Pauper Format Panel should ensure that Pauper is considered when releasing new products, ensuring that cards like Sojourner’s Companion and Chatterstorm do not disrupt the launch format.

As Wizards Improves Its New Digital-Only Release MTG Alchemy format, it is also encouraging that it provides resources in Pauper format. Common mode only isn’t necessarily as profitable as other formats, but the wording of the Pauper format panel shows that Wizards cares about growth MTG base of players. While the future is unclear for Pauper, the Pauper format panel will likely adopt a plethora of changes that will hopefully Magic: The Gathering the community agrees.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast (Going through The player)

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