August 12, 2022

Next rotation of Pokémon TCG Standard format scheduled for early 2023, several cards banned from 2022 World Championships

The Pokémon Company has confirmed two important details for the competitive side of the Pokemon TCG, perhaps the most important being that a new standard format rotation will take place in early 2023 instead of its usual schedule.

Typically the Pokemon TCG rotates its standard format rosters after each year Pokemon World’s Championships. However, TPC is changing this by withholding the rotation of the current format until early 2023. Currently, any card bearing the “D” regulation mark can be used in 2022. Pokemon TCG World Championships and events in the immediate future after that. The Pokémon TCG: Pokémon Go Expansion will be the last legal set for use at the event.

At the start of the next rotation, all cards with the regulation “D” mark will be removed from the standard format, with more details to come at a later date.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Regarding the 2022 World Championships, TPC has also confirmed that several cards will not be usable at the event as they have not been distributed globally. This list is specifically for several Sealed Goods promo cards, such as the Lance’s Charizard V Black Star Promo variant and Special Delivery cards.

Here is the full list.

List of cards banned from 2022 Pokemon TCG World Championships

  • Pikachu Special Delivery (Black Star Promotion, SWSH074)
  • Lance’s Charizard V (Black Star Promo, SWSH133)
  • Dark Sylveon V (Dark Star Promo, SWSH134)
  • Special Delivery Bidoof (Black Star Promo, SWSH177)
  • Pikachu on the ball (Pokémon Futsal, 001/005)
  • Eevee on the ball (Pokémon Futsal, 002/005)
  • Grookey on the ball (Pokémon Futsal, 003/005)
  • Scorbunny on the ball (Pokémon Futsal, 004/005)
  • Sobble on the ball (Pokémon Futsal, 005/005)

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