December 2, 2022

New HO layout at Milwaukee Museum publicly available


This Mid-20th Century Milwaukee-Based Layout Brings New Experiences and New Partnerships

HO layout at the Milwaukee Museum: Discover the world CEO Bryan Wunar speaks to staff about Discovery World’s new HO scale model train setup. Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for its focus on education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) exhibits. Regarding this exhibition, Wunar says, “Trains and railways embody technological advancements around the world. From smart sensors and automated inspection equipment to computer programs that maximize fuel consumption, trains continue to carry us into the future. It is something that affects all generations.

However, theAll aboard The exhibit is more than just another way to teach visitors about STEM education, or even the history of trains. According to Walthers, it’s also about shedding light on the hobby of model railroading and showing us the practical ingenuity embodied by model railroaders” as they develop miniature worlds to explore.

Walthers Cornerstone kits were used to create several of the buildings on this layout, while others were kitted. You can see the Everett Street Depot at the heart of this development, as well as the Pabst Brewery, Userger’s Plant, Walton & Sons Lumber Co., Ambrosia Chocolate Co., Medusa Cement Co. and more. This arrangement is not prototypical. However, it is loosely Milwaukee-themed.

Discovery World is a non-profit science and technology center located in downtown Milwaukee. the All aboard The Rail Expo currently runs two trains (one per loop) eight hours a day, five days a week. For model railroaders interested in volunteering with the exhibition, please visit their website. Exhibition supported in partnership byWalter. Walthers has provided and will continue to provide the ongoing support necessary to keep this model railway operational for years to come.

Many people have participated in the realization of this exhibition: Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design the students participated in the setting up of this exhibition by helping the graphics on the wall behind the layout, the modeller himself, Stephan Lamb Associates, helped disassemble and then reassemble the layout of Discovery World. And all of this wouldn’t even be possible without the generous donation of the layout itself from the Richard Grigg family.

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