December 2, 2022

MTG Twinshot Sniper has bomb potential in the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited format


A goblin full of valor brings some Magic: The Gathering Boncrusher Giant flavor at Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty.

Dealing two damage to any target in conjunction with a creature reached an all-time high in MTG with the release of Bonecrusher Giant Going through Throne of Eldraine. WotC probably won’t repeat this mistake any time soon, but the MTG team offers a toned down version of the giant in Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty (NEO) via the artifact creature, Twinshot Sniper.

Previewed by Magic veteran Marshall Sutcliffe today Twitterthe goblin uses the mechanical return channel as a means to deal two damage to any target on a 2/3 creature’s body with reach.

Two-shot sniper

Image via WotC
  • CMC: 3R
  • Type: Artifact Creature — Goblin Archer
  • Scarcity: Uncommon
  • Statistics: 2/3
  • Keyword: To reach
  • Aptitude: When Twinshot Sniper enters the battlefield, it deals two damage to any target.
  • Channel: Pay 1R, discard Twinshot Sniper. It deals two damage to any target.

Goblin Archer is more likely a strong sideboard card in constructed burn decks. But it could be a sleeper bomb in the NEO Limited format. A four-drop with base stats of 2/3 isn’t great. It has the Reach keyword to compensate for those low stats, which is important in a creature-reliant meta with Flying to enable Ninjutsu costs. And it deals two damage as an enters-the-battlefield effect.

As a bonus, and probably the reason why Twinshot Archer will succeed in the NEO A limited format, the artifact creature has a channel cost of 1R, dealing two damage to any target. Channel is a feedback mechanism that provides an effect by paying a mana cost and discarding the card with the mechanism.

Dealing two damage to any target in Limited can win a close game or clear the way for attackers in the early game. Add Twinshot Sniper’s Reach ability and the archer has solid value for a four-drop creature.

You can test the value of Twinshot Sniper with the digital version of NEO on February 10 and at the preview on February 11.

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