December 2, 2022

MTG announces reprints of Black Lotus and Beta maps in paper format


Wizards of the Coast had a huge reveal this morning. From a ton of exciting new 30th Anniversary promo cards to incredible new Brothers’ War spoilers, there’s plenty to be excited about. The biggest bombshell, however, came right at the end of the ad. Wizards of the Coast takes their 30th Anniversary Edition product to the next level, reprinting Reserved List cards! Captures are simple: they are not tournament legal, and four packs of the product cost $999.

30th Anniversary Edition Content

MTG’s 30th anniversary product includes golden reprints of the beta set. This means that MTG players will be able to get copies of some of the most expensive cards ever printed. As represented by the older gold-rimmed prints, these cards will not be tournament legal. As seen in Ancestral Recall and Black Lotus above, there will be old and new border cards available. Each $999 the card game includes four packs. Here’s what they contain:

“Each pack contains 15 cards, 13 cards in the modern frame – 1 rare, 3 uncommon, 7 common, and 2 basic lands – plus a basic land in the retro frame, an additional retro frame card, and a token.” Official Wizards of the Coast article

This means that for every $250 pack, you have a chance to get non-tournament legal copies of almost every card in the beta set. In terms of exceptions, there are a few:

  • Dual lands are twice as common as any other rare land in the set
  • There are a few cards that have been removed due to modern standards. These cards are:
  • contract from below
  • Dark Pact
  • Demonic Lawyer
  • earth bound
  • Weakness
  • Crusade
  • Some blurbs have also been updated, but we have not yet been informed of these changes.

The verdict of the community?

Pictured above, Twitch comments on the MTG reveal when the $999 price tag was revealed by MTG creator Elaine Chase. Even some big names in the community, like Amazonian, seem confused about the purpose of this product, commenting on a simple “uh” in the Twitch chat.

The target audience that Wizards is aiming for with this product seems hard to pin down. As the recent Warhammer Collector’s Edition spike shows, prices entering the four-figure realm seem to be costing much of the MTG community. Wizards specifically didn’t allude to whether or not these cards were legal as a commander, just that they’re not tournament legal. As expected by a community as vocal as this, there are plenty of responses to this controversial product:

The community is pretty clear here. Four packs of tournament legal cards for $999 is not a product that many can afford. Comments like the ones above number in the hundreds between Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch chat replies. A common alternative presented by the community is to sell a bundle of all these “proxy” cards for $999. As it was presented, however, the community expressed their opinion that this one could be a failure.

How to Buy Wizards’ Most Controversial Product

For those interested in the Wizard of the Coast’s 30th Anniversary Edition product, they are not yet on sale. These will go on sale November 28 at a new Wizards of the Coast URL: This URL is currently unconfigured and will likely be in mid-October. These will be printed ahead of time (limited print run), so shipping times shouldn’t be too dreadful, according to the weekly announcement where this product was revealed. Players in North America can expect their 30th Anniversary Edition to ship within the year, while those outside the continent can receive their product early next year.

There is a silver lining here. For anyone looking to support their WPN LGS, all WPN stores will get one, while WPN Premium stores will get three free. This means that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to buy this product if they want. It also means that LGS could organize interesting events around these products.

There’s a lot more to come!

While this is, by far, the most bizarre of the Wizards of the Coast announcements covered on today’s show, there are some very exciting things to come! A huge Brothers’ War map, new MTG Arena sets, an incredibly valuable secret lair, and cool promo maps were also featured. If you missed it, we’ll soon have a look at everything you need to know about the Wizards of the Coast announcement! For more on the 30th Anniversary Edition, check out the official Wizards of the Coast article. here. If you want to see pictures of all the cards available in this product, you can do so here.

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