May 18, 2022

Maurizio Sarri tears up Coppa Italia ‘unsportsmanlike’ format

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri has expressed his dissatisfaction with the structure of the Coppa Italia. the Biancocelesti will face Milan tomorrow: “Both teams go into the game in good shape. They have just won the Derby, which could fuel them. We also won in an important match. Too bad it’s one of the most unsportsmanlike competitions in the world. You never know who makes the draw, when and where. It clearly aims to televise some parts rather than others.

The gaffer spoke to SportMediaset and the club tv channel: “It will be a tough tilt against a team in contention for the title. We must play our cards at all costs. Lazio have surely evolved during the season. Milan also improved, although they didn’t have as much room for improvement. They have been working together for some time. Any game, especially knockout ones, is a chapter all on its own. It is difficult to predict what could happen. »

Sarri underlined the importance of the Coppa Italia for Lazio: “We’re in no man’s land as a club, and so winning it is an important goal. That’s probably not the case for Milan, who are fighting for Scudetto. We can’t choose our places now and we have to do our best in every cup. We haven’t made any decisions about the line-up. The first game against them in Serie A, which ended in a bad defeat, shouldn’t affect us. We have to play freely.

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