May 18, 2022

Kolkata: Students beat Covid, new format hurdles to score well at CBSE Class XII Semester I | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the new semester system, and the relative difficulty of the papers, the Class XII Semester 1 CBSE results gave a good image across all schools. Schools in Kolkata started the process of performance evaluation and compilation of aggregated results of Semester 1 with the inclusion of practical and internal notes as the Board Examination of Semester 1 only contained the theory component.
Principal of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy Meena Kak said, “We are very pleased with the overall performance of the students. There was so much pressure due to the uncertainties of the semester system and the pressures of the pandemic. But we are surprised because we did not expect such good scores in the theoretical component. Among the subjects that did very well were humanities, business studies, accounting and psychology. For students whose performance is lagging, they have more than a month to prepare and catch up. We are also continuing our counseling sessions to provide additional support. ”

Another headteacher who mentioned the importance of addressing the mental health needs of students taking the Council exams was Vijaylaxmi Kumar, headmaster of the Asian International School.
“We had a student who was dealing with severe depression and had a significant gap in her studies. The school administration came forward to support her. And today, she is the best in school. ”
Bratati Bhattacharyya, President and Secretary General of the Shri Shikhshayatan Foundation, said: “The Maths paper was a bit difficult. But the students did well. Business students have done particularly well this year. Bhattacharyya also said that it was also the first time that the exams were carried out in the reception center with external invigilators. the tutors were debating whether or not they could take the exams. The board decided to take it to the visitor center to maximize convenience and safety.”
Among the schools that did not register a decline in performance in mathematics is the Sushila Birla Girls’ School. “Unlike the Class X semester 1 results, where English performance was outstanding, the Class XII batch performance was generally good. We had no problems with math. But the practical benchmarks still need to be added and internal to have a better indication of performance.” Joyoti Chaudhuri, Director of DPS Ruby Park, said, “We did not encounter any problems with the math. A number of students achieved maximum marks in the theory papers , in all subjects.” Loveleen Saigal, Principal of Birla High School, said: “We did not notice any problem in Maths, but performance in Physics was not as high as expected.”
Several schools are still in the process of compiling Semester 1 performance. Krishna Damani, administrator of South Point, said: “The board said they would give a chance to standardize the grades, as far as marking or weighting is concerned. grades from terms 1 and 2. On Monday, our school will hold a parent-teacher meeting to intimate the performances. Other than that, students and tutors are calling to inquire about their grades as grade sheets are not yet available online. ”

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