September 30, 2022

Kinefinity’s 8K Wide Format Cinema Camera Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H

In April 2020, Chinese cinema camera maker Kinefinity announced its new flagship full-frame 8K large format, the Mavo Edge. Now, in 2021, Kinefinity’s new flagship is available for pre-order at B&H for $ 11,999, opening the brand to a wider audience who may have heard of it, but who have so far been delayed in purchasing cameras directly from it in China.

Kinefinity has been around since early 2014, when it announced its first 4K cinema camera, Terra 4K, which weighed an incredible 990g and delivered a 4K windshield at 160p. Next, Kinefinity produced the Mavo LF 6K which was, once again, a very inexpensive cinema camera, but this time capable of producing a superb 6K wide-format image, again for an exceptional price.

Now, this new flagship extends the history and philosophy of the brand by bringing to the market an 8K large format cinema camera that should rival the Arri Alexa and Red’s Raptor. Capable of outputting 8K at 70p on a new CMOS imaging sensor, the Mavo Edge is sure to catch the eye of many professional filmmakers looking to switch to 8K.

The body of the Mavo Edge is constructed from forged carbon fiber, which allows it to be placed on gimbals for extended use in the field. It features dual ISO 640 and 2560 with adjustable highlight stops, allowing you to create dynamic giveaways of your choice, as well as the ability to capture a wide tonal range with its 14 dynamic range stops.

The Mavo Edge 8K is designed for the modern filmmaker, with its e-ND filters up to 2.5 stops, two SSD card slots, and the ability to capture Apple ProRes 4444 / XQ as a standard in-device codec. photo for fast, streamlined workflows across all resolutions and even in “open door” 3: 2 at 45p taking full advantage of that massive 8K sensor.

With all of these features, and more, the Kinefinity Mavo Edge 8K is truly a marvel of its time and its price tag of $ 11,999 is a pretty steal when you consider the equivalents of Red, Arri and Sony are two. times or even four times the price.

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