September 30, 2022

JPC creates a new ecology around the FIFA World Cup, highlighting the strategic layout of JPEX

As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 approaches, the World Cup concept NFT asset is once again becoming the hot topic for crypto investors. Crypto giant JPEX got into football ahead of the FIFA World Cup: JPEX built a new “platform plus sports” ecology on the theme of the FIFA World Cup competition for deeply strengthen the JPC platform token. According to the strategic layout of JPEX, JPC is not only the platform token of JPEX, but also a token with football features and high-profile tokens that have always been in the spotlight of crypto investors and enthusiasts. sport.

The deep layout of JPEX in football

JPEX is one of the ecologies with the widest layout in football. In November 2021, JPEX became the preferred partner of Western United Football Club and established many business cooperations. Recently, JPEX also established a 10-year partnership with Macarthur FC Isuzu UTE A-League.

In Q1 2022, JPEX announced a strategic partnership with Western Sydney Wanderers FC, an Australian professional football team, meaning JPEX brand advertising will gain visibility in the Australian A-League . It is intended to let more people know about crypto assets and push the development of the crypto industry together.

Currently, JPEX is also exploring the diverse integration between NFT and the sports industry and is expected to launch more joint-name NFT business in the future. As the World Cup approaches, JPEX is expanding into football with existing development experience to build a new “global and sports” ecology around the FIFA World Cup, and using the JPC token as a point breakthrough to strengthen it deeply.

JPEX bolsters JPC platform token with sport

In March 2022, JPEX announced plans to launch the JPC platform token and JPC trading was officially launched on August 8 this year. According to the report, JPC represents the utility token of the JPEX platform. Maybe with JPC, people will have the following rights and interests, including waiving transaction fees, exchanging rights in the game room, paying chain transaction fees, promising creatures mythical cards for more economic benefits, staking a specified amount to receive benefits from friends rewards, limited gift package every month, functional cards, support for community development projects, discount for the initial subscription of the new item listed, voting rights, subscription rights to cooperative plans, discounts on NFT and metaverse products and discounts on transactions and assets Assurance.

JPC will cross the JPEX ecosystem all the time and act as a catalyst for the development of JPEX. When IPEX enters the sports field, it also continuously strengthens JPC. JPC turns into a token with football attributes and culture. Moreover, JPC penetrates more and more deeply into this culture. As the World Cup matches approach, JPC becomes a hot room due to its own footballing attributes. In the future, JPC is expected to play a very important role in the whole JPEX sports business ecosystem.

According to reports, JPEX launched the JPC burning mechanism activity between August 15 and September 30 to celebrate the launch of JPC which may benefit JPC holders. During the activity, JPC holders participated in the activity by withdrawing JPC to any crypto wallet and the destruction activity was officially started. When the number of removed JPCs would reach 50000, 3% of them would be destroyed. At the same time, JPC’s staking business was launched on August 26, 2022, which would bring high interest income.

Although since April 2022, the crypto market has once again fallen into winter, JPEX maintains high-speed development. JPEX is an Australian exchange, run by developers from Japan, Australia, the United States and many other countries. IAIA (Ito Arbitrage Investment App) circular cryptocurrency arbitrage system originally created by Japanese smart technology team allows users to earn revenue from more than 10 cryptocurrency pairs, and interest will be calculated daily.

From a product perspective, JPEX has enduring creative capabilities. Recently, JPEX cooperated with RedHare to promote the first NFT INDEX contract, and it becomes the first derivative product built on the basis of the NFT index and provides a risk hedging investment vehicle for NFT asset holders.

JPEX places a strong emphasis on compliance. It is currently regulated and licensed to engage in cryptocurrency business in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Recently, he successfully applied for a cryptographic service provider license in Luxembourg. JPEX will continuously strive to comply and maintain the trend of active expansion globally.

From a market and industry perspective, JPEX expands into many areas. Since last year, JPEX has been actively building operating teams all over the world with the basis of maintaining the healthy development of the platform.

JPEX has spent huge sums of money to buy giant advertising space in the prosperous regions of Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore, and has also cooperated with Asian celebrities Zhang Zhilin. Zhang Zhilin will be the ambassador of JPEX Hong Kong to further enhance the prevalence of cryptocurrencies and enhance the impact of the JPEX brand.

JPEX’s disposition reflects its determination and execution ability to achieve the globalization and brand strategy. As the FIFA World Cup approaches, JPEX is building a new “platform plus sports” ecology around the “FIFA World Cup” to deeply strengthen the JPC platform token, which is supposed to promote more the development of sport ecology.



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