August 12, 2022

JAAF asks factory owners to convert employee vaccination card to digital format

Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) General Secretary Tuli Cooray urged all members to ensure their employees’ COVID-19 vaccination cards are recorded in “digital format” so they can present them as “Proof of vaccination” whenever necessary.

The digital format was made necessary to avoid the loss of any vital information of the vaccinated employee due to degradation or damage to the card due to frequent use or to use the virtual card as a backup in case loss of the card, he said

Starting in January, all new numbers of Ransalu Privilege Cards will have a QR code printed on the front panel and, when scanned, will display an accurate image of the COVID-19 vaccination card issued by medical authorities.

CH17 Loyalty – Ransalu Privilege administrators have developed a program that will support this new feature and allow members to upload a JPEG image of their vaccination card to a secure cloud-based portal that will be mapped to the QR code.

“A smart personal device is not required to access our program and no downloads are required. You can connect from any device (mobile or desktop / laptop) that has Internet access and proceed with normal protocol, ”said Jumar Preena, CEO of CH17 Loyalty.

“We don’t know how the vaccine card authentication process is supposed to work, but we are preparing for it,” he added.

The clothing sector is the largest industrial employer with a combined workforce of approximately 450,000 people. This is a significant number and having them on a digital basis will encourage employers with large databases of workers to follow suit, Jumar said, adding that “ours is an open source program that can be widely used. used on all types of QR code readers “.

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