December 2, 2022

Issuance of the pensioner identity card in the prescribed format via online


Issuance of pensioner ID card in prescribed format via online: South Central Railway


Divisional Office,
personnel department,

No. Cell SCR/P-BZA/210/Pen.ID/IT

Sun: 06.10.2022

All Concerned/BZA Divn.

Sub: Issuance of a pensioner identity card in the prescribed format electronically — Reg.

Ref: Railway letter n° E(W)2016/PS5-8/1 dt. 20.09.2019 (RBE n°154/2019)

With reference to the letter quoted above, the revised format for the issue of the identity card of pensioners has been distributed. In view of the difficulties experienced by pensioners in applying to the Divisional Office to obtain a Pensioner Identity Card under the Railway Services (Pension) Rules 1993 and the ‘National Pension Scheme (NPS) , the The BZA division has designed and introduced for the first time a WEB portal for issuing the pensioner ID card via a web portal (online). The same web portal will be available with the following URL from 07.10.2022 to apply the Retired identity card by retirees.

All retirees are advised to first register on the above said web portal by duly providing the details of PPO number, registered mobile number, designation and station. The password must be created by the retiree. Once registration is complete, retirees should “connection” with credentials i.e. PPO number as “User ID” and “Password” created during registration by the retiree. :

After “logging in” to the web portal, the details of the pensioner i.e. name, address, phone number, blood type, type of diet, date of birth, DOA, the DOR, etc. must be entered and also upload the retiree’s photo and a copy of the PPO in JPEG format. The uploaded details of the retiree will be verified by the verification authority and the same will be forwarded to the competent authority through the section in charge for approval of the issuance of the retiree’s identity card.

Upon approval by the competent authority, the same will be communicated to the retiree by SMS to the registered mobile phone number. Finally, the retiree mustconnection” the web portal and download the identity card of the pensioner.

The detailed flowchart for the application of the retiree ID card is attached for the convenience of retirees.

PJ: As above.

Senior DPO/BZA

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