December 2, 2022

Instagram is testing new Stories layout that hides excessive posts


Instagram Stories has definitely become a hit, and some people really like to share everything they do through these 24-hour photos and videos. However, the social network is currently testing a new story layout that hides excessive posts – which is bad news for creators.

phil ricellea Brazilian Instagram user (via Techblog), noticed that the Instagram app now only shows three of the stories shared by other people.

Users can currently post 100 stories at a time. While that number should stay the same despite the change, users who received the update need to tap a “View All” button to see the rest of the stories. Otherwise, Instagram moves on to the next person’s stories.

This brings about a significant change in how Instagram stories work. As some people are used to tapping the screen to see all the stories in an account at once, this will no longer be possible after the update. For creators, this means that any posts after the third story will likely have a lower view count.

At the same time, limiting the number of stories displayed in the app should make it quicker for users to see posts from more people if they aren’t interested in that content.

At this time, it looks like only a small group of users have received the update with the new stories layout, so it’s likely that Instagram is still testing these changes before rolling them out to all users. . Of course, these changes may never be implemented for everyone.

The 9to5Mac take

Although this update seems a little aggressive, it may make users think more about what they post on Instagram. But again, many creators rely on Instagram as a work tool, so the update will definitely have a negative impact on those people.

Do you think this update is positive or negative? Let us know in the comments below.

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