May 18, 2022

How to Format GoPro SD Card on Your Computer

Formatting your GoPro SD card is a fantastic option if you want to delete its contents or fix any issues. It erases all stored data, so be sure to backup all important files before formatting the card.

GoPro offers two ways to format an SD card, using the built-in settings or the GoPro app. Apart from these, you can also format the card with other devices. We will discuss all these methods in detail in this article.

When to Format GoPro SD Card

You should format your GoPro SD card in the following situations:

  • You should delete all or most of the contents of the SD card. In this case, it is advisable to save the photos and videos you need on another device and format the card.
  • You see SD ERR or SD ERROR or NO SD on your camera’s LCD screen even after inserting the SD card correctly.
  • It is better to format your SD card regularly after certain time intervals to reduce chances of card errors.

How to Format GoPro SD Card

Here are the methods to format your GoPro SD card:

GoPro Quick Mobile App

This is the easiest and fastest way to format SD card for any GoPro camera with Wi-Fi support. Follow the steps below to perform this method:

  1. Turn on the camera after inserting the SD card.
  2. Connect the camera to the GoPro Quick App via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  3. Launch the app and go to Settings.
  4. Under DELETE, select Delete all files from SD card.

Integrated screen menu

The default method to format a GoPro SD card is with the GoPro camera. You can enter its settings and format your card.

To note: It is not possible to format the SD card with GoPro Session series camera settings. Please use the GoPro Quick Mobile app in such cases.

The new GoPro cameras have LCD rear screens to help you easily navigate your camera preferences. Please follow the instructions below to format an SD card via the GoPro camera back screen menu:

  1. Turn on the camera after inserting the SD card.
  2. Open the Menu on the back screen. The way to do this varies between individual versions. They are:
    • GoPro HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black and HERO8 Black, Hero (2018) – Swipe down the back screen.
    • GoPro HERO7 (black/silver/white), HERO6 (black), Hero5 (black), Fusion and Max – Press the side button.
  3. Go to Preferences.preferences
  4. Find and select Reset > Format SD card or just Format SD card.format-sd-card-on-go-pro
  5. Click on Format Where Remove.

Older GoPro models like Hero4, Hero3, etc., don’t have a rear screen. You will need to access and manage the settings using the power button (front) and shutter button (top).

To format the SD card on the GoPro camera with only the front screen,

  1. Turn on the camera after inserting the SD card.
  2. Repeatedly press the power (front) button until the camera mode changes to Settings. You will see a key icon on the front screen when this happens.
  3. Press the shutter button (top) to select it.
  4. Press the power button repeatedly until you see the Trash can icon and press the shutter button.
  5. Then press Power repeatedly to highlight ALL/Size and tap Shutter to select it.
  6. Similarly, press the power button to highlight Yes and select it with the Shutter button.

Format with other devices

It is also possible to connect your GoPro SD card to other devices and format it. You will probably need a card reader or adapter to connect to other devices.

To note: Please do not format your SD card in NTFS file system. The correct file system format for GoPro SD card is ExFAT for size 64GB and above and FAT32 for 32GB and below.

Generally, you use your computer to format the SD card. Here is how you can use Windows PC to format your GoPro SD card,

  1. Connect the SD card to your PC via a card reader or adapter.
  2. Right-click your SD card reader in This PC and select Format.
  3. Set the file system accordingly- ExFAT for 64 GB + SD card, and FAT32 for 32 GB and less.
  4. To verify Quick format and click on To start

To learn how to format SD card with even more devices, please see our article on How to Format SD Card.

related questions

Why can’t I format my SD card?

There are several possible reasons why you cannot format your SD card. We have a dedicated article that explores this issue. Please visit it to find the causes and fixes for the problem.

I got the SD ERR message on my GoPro, but I don’t want to lose data by formatting the card.

First, you need to seek help from the GoPro Technical Support team. If they can’t help you, you probably need to recover your data from the corrupted SD card and then format it.

Many third party data recovery applications are available in the market. Please choose a reliable one by looking at people’s opinions before using it. You can also hire data recovery companies.

Does formatting an SD card affect its lifespan?

Any read/write operation on an SD card can wear and tear the device. No matter you manually delete its contents or format the card, it will eventually cause the card to fail after a few years.

Nevertheless, formatting is a superior alternative to deleting files individually as it can avoid card errors. So don’t worry about the life of your SD card and format it whenever you need.

How long does it take to format an SD card?

If you used the quick format, it should only take less than a minute. A full format can take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the interface and memory capacity.

For normal use, a quick format should suffice. So be sure to check all the options for a quick format before formatting your SD card.

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