September 30, 2022

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The 2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs format has changed several times since the concept was introduced in 2007, and the FedEx Cup Playoffs format that is now in use began with the 2018-19 PGA Tour season.

Explaining the FedEx Cup playoff format means detailing how players earn FedEx Cup points, qualify for Tour Championship playoff events, and then convert position into shots for the Tour Championship, which decides who wins the prize of 15 million dollars for first place.

2022 FedEx Cup Playoff Format

How to qualify

As has been the case since the inception of the FedEx Cup, the entire PGA Tour regular season leads into the FedEx Cup playoffs, with each official PGA Tour event awarding points to players who complete the 36 holes under a standardized system. . For each regular PGA Tour event, the winner earns 500 FedEx Cup points. At the four majors and The Players, the winner earns 600 FedEx Cup points. At the four World Golf Championships, the winner earns 550 points. At opposite-field PGA Tour events — meaning those played opposite WGCs and majors — the winner earns 300 FedEx Cup points.

All points from regular season events are counted together at the end of the regular season, which is played at the Wyndham Championship. The top 125 eligible players on the FedEx Cup leaderboard at the end of this tournament qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs. These 125 players are also locking their PGA Tour cards for next season.

The top 10 finishers on the FedEx Cup points list in the regular season also earn money from the $20 million Comcast Business Tour Top 10 bonus pool, with the regular season winner earning $4 million. .

FedEx Cup Playoff Events and Cups

Three FedEx Cup qualifiers will be contested (previously four). The FedEx Cup playoffs cut a field from 125 to 30 for the final Tour Championship event. Points are quadrupled from regular season events, with a winner earning 2,000 FedEx Cup points in the first two playoff events. Points earned in each of the first two innings of the playoffs are added to a player’s regular season tally, with the field for subsequent playoff events determined on the combined points.

  • The FedEx St. Jude Championship has a 125-man field (and is the only playoff event with a 36-hole cup), with the combined top 70 FedEx Cup points from the regular season and the FedEx St. Jude Championship moving to the next leg.
  • The BMW Championship has a field of the top 70 in combined points (and has no cup), with the top 30 in combined points advancing to the Tour Championship in Atlanta.

Tour Championship Format

Starting in 2019, the Tour Championship format in Atlanta will represent an erasure of the FedEx Cup points list. However, starting position in the FedEx Cup standings will be key, as the Tour Championship will essentially become a handicap tournament, with every player on the court starting at a certain position relative to par before a shot is ever hit.

The top seed will start at 10 under par, giving them a big advantage over the No. 26-30 seeded players, who start at even.

A 72-hole Tour Championship will then be played, and the highest score in the tournament total and including handicaps will be declared the FedEx Cup champion.

The FedEx Cup bonus pool has been increased from $60 million to $75 million, meaning the FedEx Cup champion will now earn $18 million. However, the top 150 players – all of whom are guaranteed at least conditional status on the PGA Tour for next season – earn at least some of the bonus pool money.

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