August 12, 2022

Holiday postcards just a different format now

Hello to all vacationers and to us. It occurred to me that with so many people on vacation at this time of year, they are eager to share their travels with us and we are glad they do. However, the ways to share those memories and good times have changed over the years.

The time was when you were embarking on a journey, your first stop was at the local souvenir shop, drugstore or any other place where you might be able to purchase a postcard depicting scenes from where you were on vacation.

It was important to buy them early so you could send them quickly, making sure they got to whoever it was before you got home. Most of the time, the images were of sites that were of importance to the region.

How many times did I send the Andy Gump statue postcard? Andy Gump was a cartoon character created in the Chicago Tribune by Sidney Smith, who lived in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The statue sits in a city center park and is the second such statue – the first having been blown to bits by hooligans. I’m sure hidden somewhere is one of those postcards that were never sent.

Postcards had a small space on the back where you could write a message as long as it was short and simple. You could wait until you get home to tell the rest of the story. One of the things I loved about postcards are the stamps. Those from foreign countries had nice stamps and they could go on the fridge.

Now we can spread the word or image immediately through Facebook and Instagram. We can even see what is happening with our traveling friends as we go and even communicate with them. We can keep in touch on a daily basis and almost be part of it.

While researching a few items for this column, I came across some vintage postcards that are truly lovely and works of art. The characters, scenes and colors are pleasing to the eye. I’m sure there are some who have collections of old postcards.

So enjoy your vacation, stay in touch, and keep those cards and letters coming. I assure you that I will not be bored looking at the photos on my phone or my computer.

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