May 18, 2022

Here’s how to play the best Pokemon TCG deck in the format, Mew VMAX

The Pokemon TCG meta changes with each expansion, each changing the best deck with the release of new mechanics. In 2022, the best Pokemon TCG deck should be the one based on Mew VMAX.

Mew VMAX dropped with the Fusion Strike expansion, part of the Pokemon Sword & Shield card collection. The Fusion Strike fighting style is all about “teamwork and adaptability,” according to Pokemon official site. The Pokemon is still popular, but has had a major resurgence over the past few months in both the TCG and games.

Mew VMAX immediately stood out in the expansion. Evolving from Mew V, Mew VMAX is a Psychic type with 310 HP. Cross Fusion Strike allows trainers to use a Benched Pokémon’s attack for two colorless energy attachments. Max Miracle takes two Psychic Energy to deal 130 damage and is unaffected by effects on the opponent’s Active Pokémon.

So why is Mew VMAX the best deck in the format? It’s a cohesive deck that allows trainers to get the cards they need to stay ahead of their opponent every turn, including the Power Tablet item card. Add to that the ability to use a benched Genesect’s attack for just two energy, and this card is a game-changer.

What are the cards in the Mew VMAX deck?

Everyone has their own variation of the Mew VMAX deck, but top TCG players have opted for a fairly effective version that has consistently performed well in online tournaments. Here are the cards needed to build a powerful Mew VMAX deck in March 2022:


  • 4x Genesect V (FST 185)
  • 1x Meloetta (FST 124)
  • 4x Mew V (FST 113)
  • 3x Mew VMAX (FST 114)

Trainer Cards

  • 1x Vitality Band (SSH 185)
  • 1x Old Cemetery (CRE 147)
  • 3x Switch (HS 102)
  • 4x Power shelf (FST 236)
  • 1x Training ground (RCL 169)
  • 3x Rotom phone (CPA 64)
  • 1x Pink Tower (DAA 169)
  • 1x Crystal Cave (EVS 144)
  • 4x Grand Ball (EPO 93)
  • 1x Tool Jammer (BST 136)
  • 4x Boss Orders (SHF 58)
  • 2x Battle VIP Pass (FST 225)
  • 4x Frog Crystal (CRE 140)
  • 4x fastball (SSH 216)
  • 3x Spark of Elesa (FST 233)
  • 4x Cram-o-matic (FST 229)


  • 3x psychic
  • 4x Fusion Strike Energy (FST 244)

Total Cards: 60

How to Play Mew VMAX in Pokemon TCG

Mew VMAX has the ability to OHKO enemies with only a little energy while healing itself, which has made it overpowered in the current meta. It’s important to understand how this deck works because trainers will want to master it themselves or learn how to counter it.

Mew VMAX has no “draw power” cards, meaning there are no trainers in the deck that focus on building a hand. This leaves more room for other important cards, which makes Mew VMAX consistent. It doesn’t need to draw power cards thanks to Genesect’s ability, Fusion Strike System, which allows trainers to fill their hand up to the number of Full Strike Pokémon in play. Even crazier, trainers can do up to four times per turn if they have four Genesects in play.

Genesect’s ability, Techno Blast, is also powerful. Another Pokémon with a good attack is Meloetta. Their attack, Melodious Echo, does 70 damage for each Fusion Strike Energy attached to all Pokémon.

Trainers will want to use the Elesa’s Sparkle support card on the first turn of play. This card allows the player to search their deck for up to two Fusion Strike Energy cards, each attaching to a different Fusion Strike Pokémon in play. do it again on turn two as well, which means Meloetta can deal up to 310 damage immediately with a power tablet attached. This can knock out a Mew VMAX and many other commonly played VMAX cards.

Item cards are all burnable, allowing trainers to quickly and safely build their deck while continuing to place Genesects on the bench and draw handfuls of cards. The goal is to use as many cards as possible each turn so that Genesect’s ability can be used to fill the hand multiple times. Use the different Poke Balls to collect Pokémon, clear the game and get ready even before the opponent can attack.

Trainers will have a fully defined bench from the start as well as energies and item cards attached right away. Use the stage that makes the most sense in a particular situation. Crystal Cave is great against opponents that spread damage. The training ground is good against opponents through energy denial, allowing trainers to recover energies from the discard pile. Basically, Mew VMAX is ready for any challenge.

Check out some popular Pokemon content creators playing Mew VMAX against opponents on PTCGO to get a better idea of ​​how the deck works. Seeing top Pokemon players explain their decisions behind every move will help develop a solid strategy and understand how each card works together to create a fine-tuned machine that can’t be stopped.

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