August 12, 2022

Haberdashery gives students the choice of format

Cricket manager Dan Kerry believes that by tailoring times to the versions pupils would prefer to play, they are more likely to participate and want to be there

When Haberdashers’ Boys cricket manager Dan Kerry came to set up the school’s cricket schedule for the summer of 2022, there was only one place he could go.

Due to the multiple distractions offered by school, including the pressure of exams and the time-consuming nature of cricket, maximizing a student’s time is of the utmost importance.

“You ask for work and commitment at an incredibly busy time of year,” he said. “There’s a lot of outside noise, whether it’s pressure from teachers and parents on exams.

“If you’re asking students to spend a huge amount of time training and playing, you’re asking a lot, so you want them to want to be there.

“If you match the schedule to the releases they would like to play, I think they are more likely to show up and want to be here.”

Kerry, who joined in 2009, consulted with players on how they would like the schedule to look. And there was an enlightening result.

“What came out of those discussions and implemented this year at the top of the school in the 1st XI is that the students love T20 cricket and want to play more of it,” he added.

“But they also want to play more old-fashioned statement-style red-ball cricket, and less stuff in the middle.


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“The amount of 40 to 50 overs cricket has almost completely disappeared and been replaced by midweek T20 cricket, while Saturday has been statement cricket, 110 overs in the day, lunch and tea and no field restrictions.

“We had a really successful two day game against the Merchant Taylors School. They absolutely loved it. The mental change, the challenge of decision making, the way the game comes and goes and the way you have to focus on how the game is going.

“That’s pretty much what the students were asking for. We spoke to other schools, and they were pretty excited.

“By creating a bit more structure and reflecting what the students wanted, we’ve built a game card this year that has been really exciting. Lots of T20 cricket in the week, lots of red ball cricket at the weekends. . “

Although the Haberdashers have added Bedford and Abingdon to their fixture list, the schedule of opponents resembles previous summers. There has been talk of convincing others in the Hertfordshire area that multi-day and T20 cricket is an interesting direction to take.

“We have a duty, as guardians of the school game, to try to put in place something that facilitates this love and passion for the game in all its formats”

Indeed, their priorities resemble those of the professional national game which has moved the 50+ competition behind the more visible Hundred competitions.

And with an exciting new-look men’s Test team and a white ball team continuing to break records, it’s only natural that this will trickle down.

“It’s hugely influential,” Kerry admits. “They are role models, and they are the key to change and excitement. The excitement around the T20 Test and cricket trickles down to those watching on TV.

“We have a duty as guardians of the school game to try to put something in place that facilitates that love and passion for the game in all its formats. Not everyone can hit sixes and throw slower balls. t mimic that in the school environment.”

Among the 44 high school and college teams and some 500 students playing cricket each summer are players from the adjacent girls’ school.

Although there is no dedicated team, the girls appear in the men’s teams at under-12, under-13 and under-14 levels, with great success.

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