December 2, 2022

Google Testing Interactive Map Knowledge Panel Box Layout


The other day we covered a Google knowledge panel box map layout, but Google is currently testing a more interactive version of this map layout. As you click on the maps, they expand and show more detail.

Glenn Gabe spotted it and posted it on Twittersaid “Interesting result of a box being tested. Searching for the height of an athlete, celebrity, etc. returns a visual layout as a single box (with other associated entities ). Hovering over each highlights this and contains a link to learn more (triggering a new search results page).”

I can reproduce it, here is a static image:

click for actual size

Here is his video in action:

Here is the mobile version:

When you click on one of these boxes and then click for more details, it triggers query refinement in Google Search.

It’s much more interactive than the test we saw on Friday.

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