June 30, 2022

Google is testing full-fledged map-based layout for web searches / digital information world

The use of cards is one of the essential aspects of Material design by Google. Using maps allows you to visually separate things on apps, or a page. The company has now started testing a new user interface for Google search on the desktop web. The new user interface is based entirely on Material Design cards.

Google search for the smartphone already uses maps to separate users’ search results and also to organize things like the knowledge graph as well as news. However, Google search for desktop has used maps to a limited extent until now. On the desktop, Google search only used maps for Google News and Knowledge Graph, while Google separates the rest of the page with a blank space.

However, Google is testing a different user interface for the desktop web version in search results. As spotted by in the latest user interface (UI), Google has placed every Google search result in a 9to5Google, Card material design. Moreover, the latest UI shows that a shadow effect has also been added to the important results.

If a website contains multiple search results, these cards will be grouped together as a combined card. These combined maps will be easier to understand compared to the existing method where Google indents only additional search results.

Interestingly, Google hasn’t changed the other most featured tabs in search results, such as the News tab, Images tab, and Shopping tab.

According to LeSEMPost, Google also tested this design in 2016. Currently, it appears that the new test is quite limited, and we don’t know whether the company will roll out this change for public use or not.

Besides the map-based results, it’s worth noting that Google is also experimenting with the old layout in search results pages. During some of our research, we found that Google always showed the blue title first and the green URL below while the description box was in the third position. . This is likely an attempt at A / B testing by the search giant and its engineers to analyze how users react on different layouts and colors, so they can finalize the design trends they need. to stick to.

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