May 18, 2022

Frost Discusses Possible Spring Game Format, Trey Palmer Calls His Shot, One DB’s Quest For Two Picks

Scott Frost seems to like the general direction of his offense, while acknowledging the cleanup work still needed. Monday’s practice seemed to at least bolster that last part of the offensive end.

“We’ve improved a lot in a lot of things. There are still things I’m not happy with that need to be cleaned up. It’s spring ball in a nutshell. I didn’t think the attack was over a good day today,” the Husker head coach said after practice. “We just need to execute a little better. We’re doing some simple things a lot better. Spring has been fun. There’s been a lot of guys with good energy.”

But Frost also said the Huskers are missing many key contributors, and that will also impact in some ways how the Huskers conduct Saturday’s spring game.

“We’re going to have a long discussion about that today and tomorrow. It looks like we’re probably going to do some sort of format with Offense versus Defense, and I don’t like that. I’d rather have two teams playing one against each other and trying to win a football game,” Frost said. “We just have so many guys in a few positions that are notched that it will be difficult to field two teams without guys running back and forth on the sidelines.”

Frost said he doesn’t yet have a clear timeline on the recovery period for one of those injuries, to tight end Thomas Fidone.

But the coach touched on a variety of topics, including why cornerback Tommi Hill wants two interceptions so badly in a practice and what Trey Palmer’s personality and confidence have brought to the team.

Here is a full overview.

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