September 30, 2022

Format changes, expansion and rumors

Ever since the LEC was renamed EU LCS in 2019, the format has been cut and dry. 10 teams compete in a double round robin and points are converted into playoff standings.

For years, fans have been asking for a format change. Whether it’s an expansion to 12 or more teams, or best-of-three in the regular season, most agree that something has to happen.

Well, potential changes have been made to some LEC team owners this week, so let’s take a look at what could be coming to European League of Legends.

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LEC Best-of-Ones change rumors

There will be no changes to the LEC format until the start of the season in January 2023. This is good news for fans, as any changes have plenty of time to be ironed out.

Proposals so far have focused on reducing the number of top teams playing in a split. That means we might not quite say goodbye to them.

Other big regions like the LPL and LCK have been playing best-of-three for a long time and are getting that crucial extra training for international events. The LEC must follow suit if they want to catch up.

LEC expansion rumors

Many fans in the region have also been clamoring for more teams to come to the LEC. Regional teams like Karmine Corp and KOI with huge fanbases have been in high demand and would be an asset to the LEC.

However, with KOI signing a deal for a partnership with Rogue, and Karmine Corp reportedly in talks with Astralis, these big names could come along anyway.

Despite this, LEC expansion is “inevitable”, head of League of Legends esports in EMEA at Riot Games Maximilian Peter Schmidt admitted. So fans can get their wish after all. However, it is not scheduled for the 2023 season.

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