June 30, 2022

Fix ‘Android fails to format SD card’ issue 2022

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Check for “Android Failed to Format SD Card” Issue

Your Android can’t format an SD card? This is a common error not only on Android but also on other platforms. Unfortunately, this usually means that your SD card hardware will start to fail and you risk losing data. On the plus side, it still works in most cases, and as long as you haven’t saved vital information to an SD card, you should be fine. When you get the error Android cannot format SD card, it often happens because the SD card is already formatted with a file system that it does not recognize or the SD card is no longer writable.

SD cards have a lower write density than other forms of storage, which means that all SD cards eventually become unreadable after a period of use and then unreadable some time later. If you’ve encountered this error, it’s probably time to start looking for a replacement. However, you can still take action to continue using the card or recover your data in the meantime. Let’s see how you can do the first one.

Fix “Android cannot format SD card” issue

There are some methods that will help you to fix Android error cannot format SD card issue.

Restart Android

Most Android issues can be fixed simply by restarting the Android phone. Sometimes you cannot format SD card when apps and processes are loading in the background. Restarting allows you to check once whether the Android process has started or not, as it is the easiest way to fix it.

Format it using the computer

If you can’t format SD card or memory card from Android, you can try to format it yourself from computer. It is simple and can be followed through the following steps.

  • Using a card reader, connect the memory card to the computer. You can do this through the USB cable and make sure it shows up on your computer so you can continue with the rest of your work.
  • After logging in, go to My Computer. Next, right-click on the SD card and click Format.
  • You can see a format window. There you can see several options. In the panel, select FAT32. Click the Format button and format it easily. If you can’t do that, you can use your SD card and treat it properly.

Remove write protection

This is another likely reason that could make formatting the SD card a bit complicated. Write protection should be removed from your SD card using Command Prompt.

  • Open CMD after connecting the memory card or SD card to the computer. Then click Start and select CMD to open it. Type Diskpart and click Enter.
  • Type Disk List.
  • You can see the connected storage device. Click on the disk number that is connected to the SD card. Select drive 1 with the number provided on the SD card.
  • You can then write read-only erase disk attributes.

Final Words: Fix “Android Fails to Format SD Card” Issue

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