August 12, 2022

FIFA 23 FUT Champions: Format, Rewards, Predictions

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is expected to be unveiled this month and is expected to feature many changes to the way we play the game mode. One of the biggest features of competitive FUT is the FUT Champions mode, where players enter Weekend League with their best teams and play dozens of matches in a set time period to unlock exclusive rewards.

FUT Champions has received a complete overhaul in FIFA 22, and the mode overhaul has garnered positive feedback from FIFA fans. While we wait for EA Sports to reveal the new changes to the FUT Champions format and rewards, here are our predictions on what to expect.

Based on the reception of the new Weekend League format in FIFA 22, we don’t expect too many changes for the FUT Champions format in FIFA 23.

Weekend League will probably be playable again any day of the week in FIFA 23, once you qualify for it of course. Perhaps the qualification requirements will change to allow more players to compete, however, not much is expected to change in the new FUT Champions.

This is where many would say FUT Champions needs to change in FIFA 23. For years, the FUT Champions reward system has been weak, offering very few good rewards outside of big packs. This goes hand in hand with the TOTW format in FUT, with many calling TOTWs useless after the first few months in FUT.

If FIFA 23 TOTW items received better upgrades, not on a linear upgrade path, they would be more sought after not only in the transfer market, but as rewards in FUT Champions, thus making the mode of more attractive game. Also, putting promo cards in the Reds’ pack pool like they do during TOTS would also be better for FUT Champions, and as we’ve seen more often in FIFA 22, we might see this come into play on the day. 1 of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is set to release worldwide on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Stadia on September 30. The Ultimate Team Reveal is set to take place on August 11.

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