November 22, 2022

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Squad Battles: Format, Rankings, Rewards & Tips

Squad Battles is FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s way to earn weekly rewards, without having to deal with the dangers of competitive online play. Here’s a breakdown of how the mode works, its ranks, and rewards, along with some tips for success.

If you’re not in the mood for the sometimes sweaty worlds of Division Rivals and FUT Champions, then Squad Battles is the mode for you.

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, playing offline is also a valuable way to earn packs without having to face a real player.

Here’s everything you need to know about Team Battles in FIFA 22, from ranks and rewards to some invaluable tips and tricks.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles format

Squad Battles pits players against a series of randomly selected teams owned by a real FUT user, but controlled in-game by the AI.

Each match earns the player a varying number of points, depending on factors such as result, difficulty, goals scored, clean sheets and cards.

The number of points accumulated each affects the rank awarded after the cutoff point on Sunday.

However, the catch is that you are limited to just 40 games per week, split into sections of four.

Squad Battle ranks in FIFA 22

Each four-team pick tends to vary from low-rated teams with almost no chemistry, to super-teams out of 100 chemistry.

On the bright side, if an opponent seems too tough, you can refresh the games to get a new choice of teams.

Doing this permanently removes all unplayed teams and continues to eat away at all 40 games available in a week.

FIFA 22 Squad Battle Rankings and Rewards

Squad Battle Rewards

Ranks in Squad Battles start with Bronze 3, moving up to Elite 1 before the top 200 also receive a unique rank. EA drop rewards every Sunday at 12:05 am PT / 3:05 am ET / 9:05 am BST.

Each week, the number of points required to achieve each rank varies depending on the number of players who participated in Squad Battles that week.

For example, because ranks are constantly changing, if on Thursday you are Gold 3, by the time the rewards are released, you might have slipped to SIlver 1 or 2.

Check out the full breakdown of FIFA 22 Squad battle ranks below:

  • Bronze 3
    • 1 x Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
  • Bronze 2
  • Bronze 1
  • Silver 3
    • 1,500 pieces
    • 1 x Premium Gold Pack
    • 1 x gold package
  • Silver 2
    • 4,000 pieces
    • 2 x Premium Gold Pack
    • 1 x gold package
  • Silver 1
    • 7,000 pieces
    • 2 x Premium Jumbo Gold Pack
  • Gold 3
    • 10,000 pieces
    • 1 x Premium Jumbo Gold Pack
    • 1 x Prime Mixed Player Pack
  • Gold 2
    • 11,000 pieces
    • 1 x Prime Mixed Player Pack
    • 1 x Premium Gold Player Pack
  • Gold 1
    • 11,000 pieces
    • 1 x Premium Gold Player Pack
    • 1 x Prime Mixed Player Pack
    • 1 x Premium Jumbo Gold Pack
  • Elite 3
    • 12,000 pieces
    • 1 x mega-pack
    • 2 x Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Elite 2
    • 15,000 pieces
    • 2 x Mega Pack
    • 1 x Premium Gold Player Pack
  • EIite 1
    • 30,000 pieces
    • 2 x Rare Mega Pack
  • Rank 200 – 101
    • 65,000
    • 1 x Rare Players Pack
    • 2 x Mega Pack
  • Rank 100 – 41
    • 65,000
    • 1 x Giant Rare Player Pack
    • 2 x Mega Pack
  • Rank 40 – 21
    • 75,000 pieces
    • 1 x Giant Rare Player Pack
    • 2 x Rare Player Pack
  • Rank 20 – 2
    • 87,500 pieces
    • 1 x ultimate pack
    • 2 x Rare Player Pack
  • Rank 1
    • 100,000 pieces
    • 2 x Ultimate Pack
    • 2 x Rare Mega Pack

FIFA 22 Squad Battles tips

Team battles in FIFA 22

Squad Battles is different from the online player, so it can sometimes be difficult to adjust to play against the AI.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you climb the Squad Battles ranks.

Patient passing

Where online players tend to drag their players out of position, squad battles stick much more rigidly to their formations.

Especially on high difficulties, it can be difficult to shape openings in the defense as the opposing team happily sits on the edge of the box.

While it can get frustrating, we recommend that you take your time with your passing and don’t force the issue. The gaps will eventually appear.

Counter attack

While it is true that Squad Battles will stay 0-0 or when they win, they also like to push men forward as soon as they get behind.

With that in mind, if you take the lead, make sure you have a tactical setup that favors the counterattack.

Looking to hit your opponent on the break will end up with a lot more room to find that killer pass.

Chelsea players

Don’t be afraid to skip tough teams

If you’re not looking to reach Elite ranks and just want to pack some extra packs, don’t feel like you have to play against all the teams EA creates for you.

Some teams can get really tough, especially when they’re in the midst of chemistry and filled with high-level players.

Make your life easier by playing only the two simpler teams and then refreshing the menu for another selection.

Adjust the difficulty

The number of points awarded for winning on different difficulties varies widely – but in any setting, a loss brings next to nothing.

If you’re up against a strong team, or if you just aren’t playing well yourself, there’s no shame in ditching the challenge to ensure you get the victory.

That was everything you need to know about Squad Battles in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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