December 2, 2022

Explanation of what a WWE Fight Pit match is, rules, format, meaning and competitors


WWE Extreme Rules 2022 premium live event is almost at hand, and the event will include a Fight Pit match, find out all the rules and which wrestlers are competing

The combat pitch match is relatively still a new combat concept featured only on NXT so far.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022: What a WWE Fight Match is, Rules, Format, Meaning and Competitors Explained

The fight match scheduled for WWE Extreme Rules 2022 is the first match to appear on the main roster.

What is a combat match?

The concept of a sparring match was originally introduced during the WWE Closed Doors era of 2020.

It was originally played on Matt Riddle’s MMA and UFC story. The very first fight at the fight stand featured Matt Riddle in May 2020 against Timothy Thatcher.

This will be the first time the concept has appeared on WWE’s main roster. The Fight Pit match features a structure that sees the ring surrounded by cage-like walls.

The structure also has a balcony/platform above the walls where competitors can walk around.

Match Rules

Most WWE cage match types feature contestants winning by escaping the cage or falling. However, this is not possible in a combat match.

Since it was created with the idea that it is an MMA-style concept, competitors can only win via knockout or submission.

WWE Fight Pit match 2022 competitors

This year’s WWE Extreme Rules live event will feature Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle competing in a Fight Pit match.

Interestingly, the fact that Seth Rollins, who has no history as an MMA fighter, will participate in the match gives exciting results.

Rollins is a completely different breed when it comes to sports entertainment. So far, Riddle and his original match-type opponent, Timothy Thatcher, both have MMA fighting history. Thus, their previous fights have seen several elements of the cage fighting style.

So bringing in Rollins as Riddle’s competitor is sure to spice things up. Additionally, Rollins and Riddle have an ongoing feud, which has become increasingly personal on television.

Introducing a cage match into this feud where there is no escape and both men can go to hell for leather is certainly fitting.

Fans should prepare for the one-of-a-kind match as it could end up being one of the best matches of the year on WWE’s main roster.

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