August 12, 2022

EOJ clarification on date format | Letters


The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) notes a letter to the editor in The Gleaner on July 4, written by a voter, titled “Why is there no standard date format in place ?” We take this opportunity to clarify aspects related to the voter registration process.

The EOJ uses a standard day/month/year format on registration documents, i.e. DD/MM/YYYY. We recognize that varying date formats can lead to ambiguity, therefore our forms clearly indicate a standard format, using appropriate labels in data fields for date of birth.

When reviewing the voter’s registration card in question, the date of birth is recorded as 02-06-1940, indicating June 2, 1940. The voter signed the registration document, indicating that all the information it contains is accurate. Therefore, the information provided was neither a misinterpretation nor an error on the part of the EOJ.

The voter is required to request a revision of the information, providing supporting documentation for the change to be made.

Older voter identification cards (voter ID cards) also displayed the day/month/year format. However, to avoid ambiguity, voter ID cards now have an alphanumeric format using month abbreviations, for example: FEBRUARY 6, 1940 or JUNE 2, 1940.


Director of Elections

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