September 30, 2022

Design business cards using free templates and in minutes with Canva

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Are you tired of paying to have your business cards created the way you want? Do you want to start an easy business by designing business cards and selling them as a freelance writer? This short, straightforward course will teach you business card design skills in under an hour, and it’s as easy as it gets to learn. Sign up now and design business cards that will make you stand out while earning passive income and in life.

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  • Access 7 conferences & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Design a business card from scratch, with and without templates
  • Design different shapes of business cards (square, portrait and rounded)
  • Design a double-sided business card
  • Design a logo for your business for free and include it in your business card design
Sam BA | Author Audible / Kindle

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Sam started his publishing career with Kindle, then noticed it was crowded and saw an opportunity with Audible / ACX. He jumped head first and with deep passion. In 7 months, he had published 10 audiobooks and was making her money. Then he decided to take the next step, he started looking for a way to share what he knows with as many people as possible while still maintaining human contact. Most of his lessons come in the form of a series of at least 4 levels, where he takes you by the hand and starts from scratch until the end where before the end you will see positive results. He is passionate about everything he does for a living.

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