May 18, 2022

Dan Lanning reveals Ducks spring game format

It used to be when a college football team lined up on a Saturday afternoon in April to show off their offseason improvement, you could expect to see virtually what you would see on a Saturday afternoon in September – two teams made up of attack, defense and special teams go at it in game fashion until a winner is declared.

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Spring football over the past decade has moved away from that, however. Now, it’s almost as common to see offense playing defense with a scoring system that rewards defenders for things like sacks, third down saves and turnovers. Some teams have released gimmicks where they auction off the ability for a fan to call plays during the spring game, and other coaches have done away with scrimmage altogether, opting for public practice instead.

With Oregon’s annual spring game a week away, Dan Lanning let everyone know about the format scheduled for Saturday, April 23.

“It will be very similar to a game format,” Lanning said Saturday.

Short, sweet and direct.

What Lanning means by this “game format” is that the Ducks roster will be split into two teams consisting of an offensive, defensive and special team. The teams will then play the game as you would any other week of the season and determine a winner at the end.

How will the teams be decided? Will the coaches recruit players? Will the players choose which team they want to go with?

“We are going to split the teams. We’ll talk about it this weekend,” Lanning.

Never one to show his cards before he needs to, Lanning seems to be approaching his first game action in Oregon with the intention of avoiding gimmicks. For him, it’s about the talent on the pitch and the performance of the players. On top of that, there will be a number of highly rated rookies in Eugene for tours, so the desire to wow the crowd and create a game-like atmosphere was repeatedly emphasized at this point.

With the format we now expect, a gaming atmosphere won’t be hard to replicate. We will have kickoffs and punts and third down conversions. The green team will turn to the yellow team, and vice versa. Live football returns to Autzen Stadium.

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