May 18, 2022

Crooked Media is testing a new audio-video ad format with sponsor Blue Moon

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Crooked Media launched a campaign with Blue Moon on Sunday that deviates from the pure audio space — a first for the podcast network famous for its political and pop culture modules.

Blue Moon by Molson Coors is now the Presenting Sponsor of Offline with Jon Favreau, a “different kind of Sunday show” about “what’s wrong with the internet and what we can do to fix it,” according to the network. The pod started in October as a limited run in the Pod Save America feed before becoming a weekly show with its own feed last weekend.

That’s not all: In addition to ads read by the host, Blue Moon will also run ads on Crooked’s YouTube channel, which has 278,000 subscribers.

Crooked, like many podcast networks, uploads its podcasts as videos to YouTube, including ad plays. But usually, since commercials are recorded separately from the actual content of episodes, they are only included as audio clips in YouTube videos.

For Blue Moon, Crooked agreed to add title cards that read “featured by Blue Moon”, along with the brand logo, at the start of each Offline YouTube episode, Joel Fowler, vice president of business marketing and creative strategy for Crooked Media, told Marketing Brew.

The deal marks the “first multi-channel brand integration for Crooked,” the company said, and will also eventually include social media posts.

Still, the majority of impressions agreed under the one-year sponsorship “will come from audio,” Fowler noted.

Alcohol meets audio: The Blue Moon deal also marks Crooked’s first sponsorship by a beer brand, Fowler told us. This category is known for spending heavily on more traditional advertising channels like TV, but has yet to fully penetrate the audio space.

“This is our first of the biggest, blue chip brands you see entering the podcast space,” Fowler said. “We’ve had brands like and ZipRecruiter on Pod Save America for a very long time, but I think you’re really starting to see some of these Fortune 500 companies figuring out what works best for them on the pod side.-A M

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