August 12, 2022

Crisis Protocol announces new competitive format

With many shops and conventions hosting regularly Marvel: Crisis Protocol events, Atomic Mass Games has announced a brand new competitive format. Challenger Events are a brand new organized play event that will be officially launched Marvel: Crisis Protocol Timeline system. Each “timeline” will have a different set of allowed characters, team tactic cards, and crisis cards, allowing for drastically different experiences and tactics depending on the type of event being played. Challenger events will initially launch with two separate timelines – a standard timeline that only allows certain Team Tactics cards to be used, and an extended timeline with no restrictions. Future timelines may have additional restrictions on affiliations or characters allowed, opening the door to a variety of different playstyles and challenges.

Previously, Marvel: Crisis Protocol had a standard ban list that prevented certain Team Tactics cards from being used in Organized Play events. The Timelines system replaces the banlist with a more curated experience and allows players who wish to continue using certain Team Tactics cards, provided they can find an Extended Timeline event. The Challenger Event Rules also provide stores and conventions with a standardized setup for running events, designed to help the game grow.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has a number of new character and affiliation packs coming to the game in the coming months. HYDRA will be officially introduced as an Affiliate later this year, with Baron Von Strucker and Armin Zola joining the game with a new Red Skull figure. The Winter Guard will also be added in the coming months, with characters like Red Guardian and Crimson Dynamo officially joining the game. Marvel: Crisis Protocol players can build a character roster around an affiliation by having at least half of a team’s characters part of an affiliation. This allows a player to earn a leadership bonus from the leader of that affiliation…assuming the leader is also on the team.

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