December 2, 2022

CARROT Weather 5.8: A beautiful new iPad layout, lots of lock screen widgets, and more


If you use Weather CARROT and have an iPad, stop. Go update CARROT, dig into its layout settings and choose the multi-column layout style before reading on. I’ll wait.

It’s good, no ? Even if you don’t customize it at all, CARROT’s new three-column layout will excite your inner weather enthusiast. The layout is a natural extension of CARROT’s iOS app’s card-like interface, extended to multiple columns. It’s a terrific update that makes much better use of the iPad’s larger screen.

The app signature card-like personalization scheme is perfectly matched to the iPad, allowing users to choose the data most important to them, adjusting each component to fit the screen perfectly. In narrower Split View setups, CARROT Weather reverts to the simple single column style layout.

The update also adds 10 more sections of weather data that can be displayed in a variety of ways, including line and bar graphs. With the existing sections, which we have already talked aboutthere are more than enough data points and display choices to fill three columns to your personal taste.

Apple itself has headed in a similar direction, designing the new Weather app for iPadOS and macOS as a grid of tiles that offer more detail when tapped. However, I prefer CARROT Weather because it allows me to choose what to display and where. CARROT also lets me save multiple layouts, which opens up the ability to customize layouts for each season or for different activities.

Along with the new iPad design and new sections available in the iPhone and iPad versions of the app, CARROT Weather now comes with 20 lock screen widgets for the iPhone. Four of these widgets, Snark, Custom Conditions, Hourly Forecast, and Daily Forecast, are the largest rectangular variety. The rest of the widgets are circular and offer a long list of data points such as current conditions, current temperature as well as forecast high and low, rainfall change, wind speed, UV index, the air, etc. Whatever is most important to you, there’s bound to be a widget for it in CARROT Weather.

Finally, CARROT Weather added another weather data provider: Apple’s own WeatherKit service. All weather data providers seem to be strong in some parts of the world and weak in others, including WeatherKit, but it’s good to have another choice, especially since Dark Sky will no longer offer forecasts from next year.

I’ve spent a lot of time pairing lock screens with focus modes, and CARROT’s weather widgets have been a staple when I’m heading out for a long walk or bike ride. Along with the redesign of the iPad app, version 5.8 is another great CARROT update that I encourage everyone to check out.

CARROT Weather 5.8 is available for download now on the App Store. Some of the app’s features require a subscription, details of which you can find on the App Store.

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