December 2, 2022

CARROT Weather 5.6 adds location lists, new layout sections, and more.


CARROT Weather 5.6 came out today with a handful of great new features that pick up where previous updates left off, with more ways to customize the app and personalize it.

My favorite new feature is location listings. From the Locations tab of CARROT Weather, you can search for weather in any city of your choice. This works well for spot-checking conditions elsewhere, and CARROT saves your most recent searches at the bottom of the Locations tab, making it easy to rerun a search. Locations can also be saved as favorites.

Location lists further extend the location-based functionality of CARROT Weather by allowing you to go beyond a simple list of favorite locations. Tap the Info button next to a location you’ve marked as a favorite, and you can choose “Show forecast in location list”. This opens up additional options, including an hourly or daily forecast, a chart or stack layout, and a choice of many data points to highlight alongside the forecast. Once a location has been configured as desired, you will see a map-like user interface for each city you added with the data you chose. Whether you’re keeping tabs on a destination for an upcoming trip or just want to know if the weather is good where a friend or family member lives, the new locations list provides a great overview without forcing you to dip in the details of each city. In the future, I would like to see location list forecasts added to the CARROT Weather home screen widget set.

I used to hide the CARROT Weather tab bar, but the new locations list gave me a reason to keep it visible, making it easier to access my favorite locations and features like the app’s weather maps. The tab bar is now customizable, so all you have to do is display the tabs you use in the order you prefer. Just visit layout settings and choose Arrange Tab Bar to customize it.

CARROT Weather’s Layout sections continue to expand with version 5.6 as well. The latest update includes Solar, Moon, Air Quality, Pollen, and Tide sections. CARROT Weather already offered ways to make the information in these new sections appear as data points. However, with the new Layout sections, you get more detailed and visible information than before.

Maps and radar functionality have also been expanded. Maps now show when a winter mix of precipitation falls. Luckily, we’re nearing the end of that kind of weather in the Chicago area, so I didn’t see any winter mix on the CARROT weather map here. However, the good folks in Wisconsin and Michigan are enjoying a bright pink winter mix this morning, so you can see what it looks like in the screenshot above. The radar feature also reports hail and debris from detected tornadoes, which I’d rather not see anytime soon, but I’m also glad it’s available.

With the latest update, I added daily forecasts to my list of places for the cities where my children live. I also added Pollen and Air Quality sections to my weather layout, which will come in handy when the weather gets warmer and I get out more. I also simplified my tab bar to reflect how I use the app, making it easier to use with one hand.

It is remarkable how much customization is now available in CARROT Weather. Version 5.0 was a big step forward, but Brian Mueller continued to refine the app and add some cool new options that took the customization of the app to a new level that I love.

Weather CARROT is available as a free update on the App Store. The app offers multiple subscription tiers, with different features at each tier, which you can learn more about in the app settings.

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