December 2, 2022

Brothers War Teaser Reveals Format Warp Reprints


The release of The Brothers’ War is just over a month away, but the giant mechanical train has already left the station. Ahead of the set’s major reveal later this month, Wizards showcased the set in a new Video Building Worlds. Narrated by Wizards staff and YouTuber Rhystic Studies, this video gave eager gamers a taste of the set’s history. Along with the story details, players have also seen some of the artwork in the set to admire ahead of the set’s release. Besides being spectacularly beautiful, this art seems to have confirmed important The Brothers War Spoilers. If the concept art is to be believed, the lands of Urzatron are reprinted.

Urza is back and he brings his lands with him

Urza Tower Concept | The Brothers War

During the Building Worlds video, Wizards of the Coast displayed “Urza Tower Concept” art on screen. While missing the apostrophe, this revelation quickly ignited the live stream chat with a flurry of speculation. After all, it looked like Wizards had just confirmed a reprint of Urza’s Tower in The War of the Brothers. It also seems to imply that Urza Mine and Urza Power Plant can also be reprinted. Although extremely exciting for some, not all MTG players were enthusiastic about these immensely powerful cards being reprinted.

To put it plainly, Urzatron’s earth cycle is powerful, to say the least. Providing potentially seven colorless mana on turn three was once a dominant force in Modern. Although they’ve since been somewhat upgraded, Urza’s Tower, Urza’s Mine, and Urza’s Power Plant still see occasional play. After all, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of the game Ugin, the spirit dragon on turn four from land alone. With this strength, it’s safe to say that Urzatron’s lands can completely destroy a format if implemented haphazardly.

It is important to note, however, that we only saw concept art for “Urza’s Towerduring the Building Worlds live stream. This means it’s impossible to tell if any or all of Urzatron’s lands are actually in the Brothers’ War. At least, not until the end of this month, October 27, when Wizards of the Coast reveals more. Until then, there is one other very important caveat to keep in mind. Even if the lands of Urzatron are reprinted, there is no word on where they are being reprinted at the moment. It’s possible, after all, that the lands of Urzatron only appear in the Urza-themed Commander deck; Urza’s Iron Alliance.

Green galore

Titania, Avenger of Argoth
Titania, Avenger of Argoth | The Brothers War

Along with the potentially devastating return of the lands of Urzatron, the Building Worlds video also revealed a whole lot more for players. Since this video only showed art, this excitement is mostly driven by a heavy amount of speculation. That said, wildly blatant speculation can be a great time, so let’s jump right into that brazen speculation. First of all, as if it wasn’t already perhaps enough, brothers war can figure another one Land of Urza. Appointed Urza’s workshop, we strongly suspect that this land is not going to synergize with Urzatron’s past land. Instead, we’re expecting Urza’s factory to look more like Mishra’s foundry.

Alongside the Lands of Uzra New and Old, the Building Worlds video also debuted with a few more enticing reprints. These include creature tutoring Faun Shaman, which will be a great addition to Elf decks. Throughout the Building Worlds video, Wizards revealed several new elves such as Gwenna, the eyes of Gaia. Although it is impossible to say how powerful these elves are, it seems that the tribe of elves may be a standard platform supported.

Following the revelation of Titania, Avenger of Argoth, a standard elf-based deck seems like a near certainty. And it’s not just because I’m going to play it, even if it’s not competitive. As with all of these artistic revelations, there’s no word on the finer details. However, it seems that Titania, Avenger of Argoth is the third and final Meld card in The War of the Brothers. Considered to consist of Argoth, nature sanctuaryand Titania, Voice of GaiaTitania, Avenger of Argoth could be a real devastating threat in green decks.

But wait, there’s more!

Along with the exciting reveals we’ve featured so far, Wizards revealed a lot more art during the Livestream. There’s so much, in fact, that we couldn’t hope to cover everything here. Rest assured, though, that all of the new art is absolutely amazing, so be sure to watch the Wizards video. We’ve even easily embedded it above for your convenience! If YouTube videos aren’t your thing, we’ll also chronicle some of the successes and problems with what we’ve seen in the future, so stay tuned for that.

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